Doctor Ass Fucks His Patient

Duration: 18m, 11s, Starring Andrea Vincenzi, Peter Gina

(440 Votes)

The gay doctor is in. One of his patients is lying on the examination table, complaining about his problems. The doctor strips, his iron-hard cock erect at the delight of butt-fucking. The physician feeds his long, thick cock into his patient's mouth. Later on, he gives it to his patient in the butthole, first in missionary and then positioning him in a submissive doggy style position over the edge of the table. The doctor pulls out at the last moment, jerking off all over his patient's buttocks.

Dirty Doctor Anally Pounds His Patient

Duration: 16m, 27s, Starring Alex Lopez, Manuel Corni

(214 Votes)

This dirtyyoung doctor can't keep his hands to himself! One day he has a patient lying in front of him on the examination table, and he flagrantly unzips his patient's pants and starts sucking his cock. The patient is bemused but not unhappy about the situation - after all, the young doctor is an extremely handsome man! Soon the patient is bent over the examination table, squealing and turning red in the face as his butt gets plundered by the horny medical professional. Later on the two homosexuals have a passionate missionary position fuck, with the doctor on top and his patient underneath, clinging on while his butt gets pounded.

Latino Patient Sucks Off His Hung Doctor

Duration: 24m, 19s, Starring Gabriele Benedetti, Paride, Raul Mazza

(902 Votes)

This virile doctor is feeling so horny that he just can't restrain himself. The clip begins with some solo masturbation as he plays with his massive cock. Next you see him with a patient, who is obviously as eager to get started with the action as the doctor is. Both men get naked, and the good looking latino patient eagerly gulps down that massive shaft. Then he bends over, eager to get fucked up his butt. The patient jerks himself off, fingering his much smaller cock as his butt gets stretched out by the doctor's whopping monster. The doctor sprays his load all over his patient's face and chest at the end of this great gay sex scene.

4 Hot Gay Stars Hook Up As These Dirty Doctors Get Down

Duration: 30m, 40s, Starring Jan Tonello, Manuel Corni, Marco Loto, Raul Mazza

(453 Votes)

This jam-packed medical sex adventure begins with a hairy bear of a doctor masturbating in his study. After some great shots of his shlong and hairy chest, the scene cuts to a much younger doctor, pleasuring the privacy of an extremely young and luscious looking blond stud. As the blond stud looks on, the filthy doctor unzips his pants and gives him a blow job. Soon the blond is into it, blowing the doctor and then pumping him in the ass, in an unexpected reversal of the usual roles. Later, you see the hairy doctor once again as he coerces one of his patients to give him excellent oral pleasure and then fucks him up the ass.

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