Young Twink Takes A Big Cock Balls Deep

Duration: 21m, 42s, Starring Bastian Gold, Christian Luke

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Wouldn't you love to have yourself a skinny young blond toyboy like Christian? This stud is submissive to whatever his older bear of a daddy wants, whether it's cocksucking or hardcore anal sex. Hairy stud Bastian lies back and guides his boyfriend's head up and down on his pole, letting him start off slow but aggressively pulling the younger man's throat down on the dick until he almost vomits. However, Christian loves getting treated rough - just look at how hard his cock gets when he gets it nasty! Then young Christian lowers his ass down on his daddy's cock, easing the full length of it into his butt until he is down balls deep.

Young Twink Bangs Older Trainer Anally

Duration: 23m, 11s, Starring Marc Winters, Maxx Paxx

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In this hot twink fuck movie, a good-looking young stud gets some personal training from an older ebony man with a shaven head. Now, you're probably thinking that it's the older man who is going to be plugging that tight ass - but in fact the reverse is true! Although it's the ebony stud who makes the first move, unzipping his pants and sliding his cock into the twink's mouth, he is also the one who lies back and gives up his ass to the much younger man! Despite being young, this guy can really fuck, and he really lets go and starts pounding the older man in the butt once he gets going. That prostate stimulation must feel fantastic!

Tight Ass Latino Stud Busted Open By An Older White Male

Duration: 22m, 11s, Starring Damian Ford, Erec Estrada

(1761 Votes)

Horny older homeowner Jay has hired a new young Latino, Erec Estrada, to do some work around the house. However, he's not really interested in Erec's house work abilities - he's mainly interested in his ability to take a fat cock in his ass! At first Erec is shy and shocked, but he quickly realizes that he is going to make much more money by giving up his ass hole than he is by doing menial labor around the house. He sucks on Jay's dick and then leans over the kitchen counter, wincing and slowly jerking his own prick as his butt gets busted open by the older Caucasian male. His ass is very tight - that big dick has got to hurt!

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