Dirty Coach Fucks Young Student Anally

Duration: 15m, 15s, Starring Jeff RockFord, Kyle Richards

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This has got to be the fantasy of many dirty older guys out there! This crafty sports coach keeps one of his favorite students, cute blond college boi Jeff, back after class for some extra tuition. Of course, there's not much sports involved in what this dirty coach has planned - unless you count some hardcore ass fucking! The young twink nervously goes down on the much older coach, taking his wrinkled cock in his mouth and sucking it to a full, thick erection. Then the twink gets down on his hands and knees on the dirty gym floor, pulling down his track pants to have his butt licked and then fingered and fucked by his dirtycoach.

Middle-Aged Man Wants A Hot College Fuck

Duration: 26m, 19s, Starring Marc Winters, Skip Vincent

(1225 Votes)

Older stud Marc wants to get banged in the ass by a virile young stud with a big cock! He seduces good-looking college guy Skip, who doesn't know quite how to react when the older male aggressively pulls down his pants and starts sucking on his cock! However, Marc's got at least 20 years of cocksucking experience and he sure knows how to make a red blooded young stud feel good with this horny mouth. Marc bends over and pulls open his own ass cheeks as Skip gets in behind him, dominantly holding him down and rutting him roughly in the butt. He pulls his nasty cock out of Marc's sphinc sticks it in his mouth for the sticky oral cumshot.

Petite Twink Takes A Hard And Nasty Fuck

Duration: 14m, 23s, Starring Jay Lopez, Mark Hansford

(471 Votes)

Wouldn't you love to have a sexy young twink hanging around the house that you could play with and fuck whenever you liked? This older male accosts his young friend as soon as he walks down the stairs, not letting him get past in the hall way but instead pushing the younger man down onto his knees and sliding his dick into his mouth. At first the twink tries to pulls away, but then he resigns himself to his fate, giving the older man a sloppy deepthroating. The dominant bear pushes his young fuck buddy down onto his face on the steps, parting his ass slowly with his cock and then ramming the entire length home. This is a hard, nasty fuck!

Masturbating Twink Takes A Painful Fuck

Duration: 23m, 33s, Starring Lexx Parker, Spike Morrison

(408 Votes)

Thinking that he is home alone, this camp blond twink takes the opportunity to loosen up his ass with an enormous translucent dildo. He is quite a petite chap, and it's amazing how much of that enormous toy he can fit up his dirty sphincter! All of a sudden his shaven headed daddy comes storming into the room, furious - if there's going to be some ass pumping, he's got to be involved! The twink has a look of pure fear in his eyes as he takes his daddy's cock in his mouth and sucks, choking down on the enormous pole and getting a rough throatfucking from the alpha male. He squeals in a mix of pain and pleasure while he gets ass banged!

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