Amateur Gay Jocks in Uniform Porn

Duration: 25m, 46s, Starring Tony Akin, Wiley Boyd

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Tony Akin and Wiley Boyd are looking for something different in their lovemaking - so they start in with the uniform porn. This gay uniform porn scene features a fantasy that is commonly thought of by many - the dominant policeman that is just dying to get his cock sucked. He uses a nightstick to start things off, but soon enough they are both naked and rolling around in the bed. I love watching their hot bodies rubbing up against each other, and those dicks are just spectacularly full and thick.

Hot Amateur Gay Hunks Going At It

Duration: 25m, Starring Tyson Rexx, Rocky Moore

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Tyson Rexx and Rocky Moore are about as gorgeous as you would want to see amateur gay men. They have slightly athletic bodies that are just delicious, and their lips are so sweet when they start sliding them up and down those dicks. They absolutely love to suck each other's cocks, and there's nothing like seeing them going at it nice and hard. They work each other harder and harder, before finally just going for the ass after apply a liberal amount of lube. Remember to always lube up, it makes the ride much smoother!

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