Cute Firm Gay Boy Swallows A Cum-filled Cock

Duration: 33m, 57s, Starring Danny Maze, Kyle Farnsworth, Peter Rosehill

(431 Votes)

Young stud Kyle sneaks into one of his roommate's bedrooms while the rest of the inhabitants of the flat are away at work for the day. The sneaky little fuck has a good nose around, finding his roommate's favorite dildo and stash of porno mags. Kyle strips off, fucking his own ass with the toy while he sends a thick spurt of cum all over his favorite magazine. Later in the day, his two other roommates, Peter and Danny, have a hot anal fuck in the shower. At first they were just going to have a quick wash, but one thing leads to another and soon young Danny has got his cock right up Peter's ass and is thrusting away like a madman!

Tall Stud Anal Slams Two Young Roommates

Duration: 25m, 15s, Starring Danny Maze, Joe Larsen, Kyle Farnsworth

(349 Votes)

Young roommates Kyle and Danny are woken in the middle of the night by the sound of front door opening and closing. They walk into the living room, both wearing their bath robes, to see a hooded figure standing there - it's their good friend Joe, who is so desperate to get his cock sucked that he couldn't wait until the morning! The two young men smile as they get down on their knees for their tall, blond intruder, who pulls out his rock hard pink cock and shoves it down both their throats. The two young men take turns getting screwed in the ass on top of the washing machine - but it's their butts that are going to need cleaning after this!

Young Suit Wants To Have Ass Torn Open

Duration: 12m, 21s, Starring Peter Rosehill, Tyson Ross

(578 Votes)

Clean cut young businessman Peter can't wait to get home after a hard day at the office. It's not because he wants to relax - it's because he wants to get fucked hard in the ass by his sexy room mate Tyson! Tyson is just wearing his underpants when he answers the door, and Peter drops to his knees, still wearing his suit, as he pulls Tyson's pants down and starts to blow him. The guys stumble from the hallway to the bedroom, with pale skinned Peter shedding his clothes and lifting his palid cock and balls out of the way so that Tyson can lick, finger and then fuck his butt. The young businessman is desperate for good anal penetration!

Young Twink Ass Rammed By The Whole Team

Duration: 27m, 10s, Starring Danny Maze, Joe Larsen, Kyle Farnsworth, Peter Rosehill, Tyson Ross

(389 Votes)

It's the end of the football season, so this team decides to end their run in style by having a massive party in their underpants! Of course, you can't get a large group of red blooded males frolicking in their boxers without it kicking off in to a hardcore cocksucking and anal sex session. The room is a tangle of arms, legs and big cocks as the men play with each other, blow each other and do each other in the butt. Then a young blond twink gets caught peering in through the doorway - and all hell breaks loose as all of these muscular guys fight for a turn to ride his tiny ass! He gets used as the sexual plaything of the whole team.

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