Four Horny Sports Guys Love Hot Sperm

Duration: 44m, 45s, Starring Ben Dover, James Skip, Kyle Martin, Mike Stafford

(318 Votes)

Lovers of hot young guys in jockstraps will definitely get off watching this intense locker room foursome! It's inspection time for this sports team, and so three dudes in their jockstraps show off their junk and bend over and cough for their inspector, who is wearing a green rubber apron. After the initial inspection, the guys pair off into couples, taking a chair each and indulging in some steamy mutual blow job action, followed by some intense anal sex. Things are quite egalitarian as the guys take turns blowing each other and then fucking each other in the ass - every man gets a turn to do some deep butt fucking, and they all love sperm!

Therapist And Patient Swallow Their Jizz

Duration: 15m, 33s, Starring Danny Chance, Danny Gordon

(203 Votes)

This good-looking young buck certainly gets more than he was bargaining for when he goes to get a simple sports massage! The therapist, a rather camp blond man, convinces his patient to get completely nude and lie face down. The massage therapist makes his intentions known as he goes straight for the butt, peeling the other man's ass cheeks apart and sticking a finger right inside the ring piece! The horny lovers exchange some mutual oral, and then the therapist and licks his patient's ass and then fucks it. The two studs eagerly swallow each others' jizz at the end of the video, gobbling it all down and not wasting a single drop.

Massage Therapist Fucked Hard In His Ass

Duration: 16m, 14s, Starring John Freed, Mike Stafford

(196 Votes)

This is the kind of physiotherapy session that most guys dream about! This athlete has got a sore back, so he lies face down on the massage chair while his therapist gets to work, kneading his lower back and buttocks. In order to get better access to the inflamed area, the masseur tells his patient to take off his shorts; this reveals a tight, toned and athletic ass! The positions are reversed, as the masseur lies down on the chair and has his cock sucked by his patient, who then sticks his now blazingly erect cock into the therapist's butt and fucks him hard and deep with no rubber! The therapist ends up drinking a hot load of sperm.

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