Two Hunky Gay Men Go Hardcore in Bed

Duration: 14m, 22s, Starring J.T Sloan, Stonie

(165 Votes)

Stonie and J.T. Sloan are enjoying each others' company immensely, even if one of the guys was pretty much old enough to be the others' dad. They don't mind the mature comparison, and if anything that's making it so much hotter for them. It's a fun and wild ride for these guys, especially once they start finding some rather hot positions They are stretching out and enjoying each other, taking up every bit of the bed so that their sexual antics are properly accommodated. It's certainly entertaining to watch.

Hot Army Sergent Fucking His Recruit

Duration: 24m, 44s, Starring Anthony Deangelo, Cameron Cruise

(396 Votes)

Anthony Deangelo is a bit of a hardass, and he's going to be taking that out on his newest military recruit Cameron Cruise. This sexy, delicious hunk is making sure to get Cameron all hot and bothered before stripping him down and giving him some real military action. I don't know about you, but this is one of the hottest gay roleplaying scenarios that you're ever going to get to see. The cock sucking is intense, and it gets even more over the top once there is actual penetration that leaves these two crazy.

Mature Gay Man Takes Lead in Bedroom

Duration: 17m, 36s, Starring Chris Dano, Max Grand

(493 Votes)

When you end up fucking a college guy like Chris Dano, sometimes you just have to take the lead in the gay relationship. This college hottie is rather fresh faced and doesn't know exactly what he wants out of the bedroom, but he's willing to try just about everything at least once. Most of the time, he ends up liking things so much that he just keeps on trying them until his dick calls it quits and goes home. This pair is a match made in heaven, and they are so delicious and hunky together that it's perfect.

Hot Gay Barflies Getting Nasty

Duration: 21m, 25s, Starring Chris Michaels, Matthew Anders

(105 Votes)

It might have been last call for drinks hours ago, but there's nothing quite like seeing these two handsome studs getting it on after the bar has been closed down for the night. Mathew Anders and Chris Michaels are sucking and slurping at each others' cocks, loving the taste of that dick in their mouths. Before long they want to take it further, and the bar ends up being a remarkably handy place to just fuck the hell out of each other. These asses are getting reamed all over the place tonight, and they love it.

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