Sexy Man Bryce Jerks off at the Beach

Duration: 22m, 28s, Starring Bryce

(252 Votes)

Do you love straight men, the kind you see where ever you go? Have you ever wanted to see them seduced into performing an unnatural sexual act? the Body Shoppe gives you Fresh Meat 100% Straight Dudes. Bryce is hanging on the beach in black banana hammock and cowboy hat during spring break. After a little sweet talking Bryce does a few push ups in the sand and gives his pecker a quick rub. In a private corner of the beach, up against the cliffs he pulls his dick out and gets it rock hard by pulling and tugging on it, jerking himself off until he cums.

Fresh Meat Robert Has A Satisfying Solo

Duration: 18m, 25s, Starring Robert

(89 Votes)

Robert is a track star who gets a ride home after practice, his down fall is that he is addicted to pussy. He is invited to make a sex tape to show off for the girl. He lounges on a bench with a skin magazine in front of him and is asked to take off his shirt and quickly complies. He gets more and more turned on with the pictures he is looking at and starts to play with the tent his cock is pitching. he strips off his pants and tighty whities to get better access to his rock hard member. With his hand oiled up and wrapped around his shaft he jerks himself, showing us all what he is made of.

Four Men Have A Circle Jerk At The Lake

Duration: 22m, 29s, Starring Adam, John, Wayne

(709 Votes)

Four sexy young men sit on the dock at the local watering hole, and they take turns jumping into the cool water for a swim. They have a little fun, joining in on some horseplay and showing off their macho bravado. The four of them get out of the water and each take off their swimming trunks, and they place a towel over themselves and tease the camera, not wanting to give the viewers a peak. They jump back into the water and wade to where it's only ankle deep before joining in on a circle jerk. They stroke themselves off as the camera zooms in on them, blowing their hot loads into the cool water.

Muscular Blonde Stud Seth Mastrubates

Duration: 28m, 5s, Starring Seth

(181 Votes)

Muscular blonde stud Seth shoots a little stick, sinking his balls in all the right pockets. He makes his way upstairs to clean himself up, and he strips naked for a hot shower. He gets nice and wet before he soaps up his hard body, and he rinses off before wrapping a towel around himself and heading out to the back deck. He takes the towel off and has a seat in the jacuzzi, where he starts to masturbate. He jerks himself off hard and fast, stroking his erect cock with the help of a little lotion. He finally blows his load all over his stomach before having a seat in the hot water.

Watch This Cute Straight Guy Jerk Off

Duration: 22m, 56s, Starring Jack

(190 Votes)

Meet strapping young computer geek Jack. Although this guy spends most of his time in front of a computer screen, he's still got a really hot body! He must spend a lot of time at the gym! As the camera follows his every move, he gets up from his desk and sits down on a small settee, starting to pull off his clothes. Your cock will be just as rock hard as Jack's as he reveals his rippling muscles and large, thick prick. He's super hot and he's got a great piece of man meat! Wouldn't you love to suck it? He pumps himself to a full erection and then masturbates to a sticky cum explosion in this awesome solo masturbation video.

Straight Guy Gets Fucked Right In Butt

Duration: 14m, 52s, Starring Bryce, Todd

(308 Votes)

You're going to love watching this horny straight guy get fucked in the ass for the first time! The clip begins with the straight guy and his gay buddy sitting next to each other on the couch, reading porno magazines. They both end up taking their pants off and masturbating while they look at their porn. Then the gay man reaches out boldly, beginning to caress the straight guy's thigh! Soon the guys are sucking each others' cocks; although the straight guy seems a bit confused you can tell by his groans of pleasure that he is thoroughly enjoyed himself! The gay guy takes things a step further, giving his straight pal a good rim job.

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