Cute Surfer Guy Jacks His Thick Cock

Duration: 8m, 38s, Starring Dave Resnick, Dean Resnick

(274 Votes)

Now this guy is a real cutie - and something of a narcissist! He's got long, sandy blond hair, giving him a boyish, surfer look. He sits topless in front of a large mirror, dressed in a tight pair of fashionable jeans. He's got a well muscled chest with tight pectorals and muscular biceps. He pulls off his jeans, revealing a shaved and extremely thick cock, which he jerks to an erection. From here on in, this hot masturbation scene is all about the cock, with excellent close-ups as he grips his shaft at the base to get the most rock hard erection possible. He drenches his own stomach with cum with the inevitable jism explosion.

Latino Thug Pumps Out His Own Hot Juices

Duration: 11m, 37s, Starring Lorenzo Vargas

(154 Votes)

If you like your men muscular and latino, you will go buck crazy for stud Lorenzo Vargas. This well built thug looks like a true gangsta, covered in tasteful tattoos. Wouldn't you just love to have those muscular arms wrapped around you while he fucked you in the ass? In this scene, he masturbates solo, his brown skin highlighted against the stark white featureless background. He seems quite intent on his cock, not interacting too much with the camera, and it gives you the feeling of being a hidden voyeur as he jacks the load out of his shaft. He gets some real volume and height when he ejaculates - obviously an expert wanker!

Lonely Stud Juices His Own Cock In Jail

Duration: 12m, 22s, Starring Buck McCall

(194 Votes)

How this extremely sexy Caucasian stud ended up in prison is not disclosed, but who cares - men in jail are sexy! There's no hot prison interracial anal in this clip, but Buck is obviously feeling horny, walking around his cell naked and stroking his throbbing cock. You can tell that he loves his own piece, as he looks down adoringly at his bulbous headed monster. He looks at himself in the mirror over the filthy sink, pumping his shaft as he stares himself in the eyes. You can't blame a man for having high self-esteem! He stands back and braces himself for the cum explosion, having to lie down to pump the juice out over his own stomach.

Redheaded Stud Wanks Off In The Mirror

Duration: 12m, 51s, Starring Cole Parker

(205 Votes)

Good looking red headed college stud Cole Parker wakes up after a long night's rest with a throbbing hard on. He grinds himself against the mattress for a moment, but then rouses himself from bed, realising that he needs serious relief. Stumbling into the hallway, he catches sight of himself in the mirror and thinks damn, I'm a good-looking son of a bitch! Looking down at his washboard abs he lets his gaze fall to his muscular cock, and he grips it, posing in front of the mirror. This turns in to in an epic wank session as he looks down at his cock and imagines all kinds of deviant penetration going on. He splashes himself with jism.

Muscle Stud Strips And Jerks His Wang

Duration: 17m, 42s, Starring Brad Buff

(237 Votes)

If you like muscular extremely good-looking men - and let's be honest, who doesn't? - then muscle man Brad Buff will really rock your socks! This guy strips off outdoors in the backyard, posing in front of a beautiful and colourful vegetable garden. This guy has got an amazing body, obviously honed by many hours at the gym. He does a few poses, showing off his enormous biceps and chiselled back. He even poses with a banana, jokingly acting as if he is going to shove it up his own butt. Then he gets down to the serious business of masturbation, lying down and pumping his extremely large and thick cock until it is deep purple and throbbing.

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