Johnny Thrust Pumps His Own Ass Hole

Duration: 17m, 12s, Starring Johnny Thrust

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Extremely good-looking young college stud Johnny Thrust is feeling extremely sexually frustrated. He throws himself down on his bed, grinding his rock hard erection against the mattress and wishing that he had a nice tight ass to fuck or a horny cocksucker willing to blow him. He lets one hand trail down towards his meat, fantasizing that it is in fact another man pumping his shaft. The hands jack his big cock and balls from the back, teasing his ring piece while they work the shaft. He rolls over onto his back, playing with himself and gripping his own balls as the hand reaches between his legs and inserts the middle finger in his butt.

Bobby Golden Checks His Whopper Penis

Duration: 15m, 39s, Starring Bobby Golden

(127 Votes)

We first see tall and muscular stud Bobby Golden as he soaps himself up in the shower. The stud has got an outstanding body with great abdominal muscles, combined with a long and thick cock that would put most men to shame. As he plays with himself under the hot water, he sees a pair of disembodied hands reaching out to grab his prick and finger his tight ass hole. After he is dry, he retires to the bedroom, where he continues to jack himself and fantasize about the pair of skillful hands playing with his meat. He lies back, covering his eyes with one arm as the hands continue to jack Bobby's sperm out all over his own flat stomach.

Jason Wanks And Dreams About A Rim Job

Duration: 16m, 6s, Starring

(142 Votes)

In this steamy gay porn video, good-looking blond stud Jason strips and jacks himself off. He is a really good looking, clean cut stud; he's got great muscles and a hot bulge in his white underpants. When he pulls off his y-fronts you won't be disappointed - his cock isn't the longest that you'll see, but it's nice and thick and perfectly formed with great chunky balls. As he pumps his prick, he fantasizes about another man standing over him, feeding his large penis into his mouth. Jason pretends to suck on the penis as he pumps his own cock, even working his mouth around to the back of the ballsack, tonguing the dirty anus.

Young Stud Fantasizes About Ass Fucking

Duration: 13m, 3s, Starring

(113 Votes)

This solo gay video alternates between a good-looking young buck masturbating in the bathroom and the dirty fantasies that are going on in his head. He is feeling exceptionally horny so he runs himself a bubble bath and starts to jack off. He's got a nice, clean long cock that will make your mouth water! He fantasizes that there is another stud in the bath with him, rubbing his hands all over his body and jacking his prick. Then he takes a shower to rinse of the suds, and he fantasizes that the same man is under the water with him, bending him over and fucking him hard up the ass. The faceless man pumps away until he creams him internally.

Young Stud Cums With Finger In His Ass

Duration: 15m, 44s, Starring

(106 Votes)

This good looking young buck is jacking off one evening, relaxing and watching a little bit of porno. Out of no where, a disembodied pair of hands appears and starts to help him in his masturbatory activities! The hands take over, stroking the young man erotically all over his firm, toned body and then jerking off his prick. It's a nice thick cock, long too, and the stud writhes in pleasure as the hands jerk him. One hand squeezes the balls whilst the other slides up and down the shaft; there's plenty of lube and the nasty slurping noises that go with it. The good looking guy cums on himself with one finger stuck up his tight little ass!

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