Two Total Studs Masturbate at Sea

Duration: 14m, 27s, Starring Fred Goldsmith, Tim Brensen

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The ocean is a romantic place, and it seems to turn Fred Goldsmith and Tim Brensen on like nothing else. These guys both have their own special places to whip their dicks out, and they're making sure to spend every bit of time that they can manage grabbing their dicks and going to town. Both of these studs have very toned and bodybuilder-esque bodies, along with cocks that are going to make your jaw drop. They aren't shy about the masturbation, and you know that everyone would love to get a peak at these two in public.

Two Sea Loving Studs Masturbate

Duration: 16m, Starring Jack Laurel, Leslie Manzel

(180 Votes)

When you're on a boat and there's nothing but you and the high seas, you know what the best thing to do is? That's right, whip out your dick and start masturbating all over. Jack Laurel and Leslie Manzel are enjoying their time together in their boat immensely, and they're making sure that they get to spray all over the place. These muscle bound studs are simply incredible to watch, especially when you get a chance to look at the massive size of their cocks. These seamen are certainly well endowed for their high seas masturbation.

Male Masturbation on the High Seas

Duration: 23m, 20s, Starring Brian Alstare, Fernando Nielsen, Tony Magera

(167 Votes)

Fernando Nielsen, Brian Alstare and Tony Magera all love the sea quite a bit, and when they want a semi-public, but mostly private masturbation session they take to the boat and the beach. All three of these men are as hunky as they come, and you aren't going to be able to resist once their clothes are off and all you see is a bunch of bodybuilder man meat. Their cocks are rather generous as well, and you'll get an entire eyeful of those dongs once these guys get close to a climax that has them spraying their cum all over the deck.

Three Hot Studs Masturbate at Beach

Duration: 22m, 59s, Starring Claudio Antonelli, Fabrice Felder, Ray Phillips

(175 Votes)

Claudio Antonelli, Fabrice Felder and Ray Phillips may not know that the others are at the same beach, but they all have the same idea in mind. They're heading down for some private masturbation time, with the sea spray and gentle sun lulling them into having the perfect time. The men all share some rather big cocks, and they are firm and sure of the way they want to go for their self pleasuring. Before long they're spraying their cum into the waves, letting the tension drain out of their husky bodies.

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