Gorgeous Stud Enrico Finds A Private Place To Masturbate

Duration: 5m, 41s, Starring Enrico Benetti

(386 Votes)

After a day of sunbathing at the beach, growing more and more turned on by the glistening bodies surrounding him, muscle stud Enrico has to get away and blow his load. He swims around the bay until he reaches a small complex of caves, still dappled by the sun. There he pulls down his white underpants, already drenched and clinging to his impressive cock and balls. He closes his eyes and leans against a rock, starting to stroke himself you'll be entranced as you watch the rippling muscles of his abdominals contracting as he gets closer and closer to an explosive orgasm. This is one seriously hot dude - and his cock is fantastic!

Fred Goldsmithe Masturbate At The Middle Of The Sea

Duration: 9m, 54s, Starring Diego Sanchez, Fred Goldsmith

(349 Votes)

Fred Goldsmith and Diego Sanchez are not quite going on the adventure that they thought they would be heading off to. Instead, they're both getting naked by the beach and pulling out their uncut dicks. They love stroking themselves as hard and as fast as possible, knowing that there's nothing quite like working their dicks until they spray their cum all over the scenic locations that they find. If you've never had the pleasure of seeing an uncut stud cumming out under the sun, you need to come and check this out.

Hot Handsome Well Built Guy Shags Out His Cock On The Rocks

Duration: 5m, 5s, Starring Oliver Madsen

(203 Votes)

Oliver Madsen doesn't want to be stuck in the house when he's in the mood to mess around with himself, so he starts off for the shore when the urge hits him. Once you see his body, you'll be just as happy that he decided to get out of his house and head down to the lake. His cock is rather big and ready for some fun, and he knows exactly how to stroke it to get himself quickly to the edge. It's a rather hot masturbation scene that will make you happy to see just how close he gets to cumming, before holding it for your enjoyment.

Lusty Older Man Brings Out His Uncut Dick for Masturbation

Duration: 5m, 24s, Starring Renato Bellagio

(265 Votes)

If you've been in the mood to see a stud that is rocking out a rather sexy uncut cock, you're going to be in luck. This amateur has always wanted to be in a video before, and now that he has the chance he's going to be making sure that he shows off all of his delicious muscles. He knows that his body is absolutely stunning, although he is somewhat shy about showing it off at first. It's going to bring a smile to your face to see this guy getting so worked up over his exotic location and a quick jerk off.

Masturbating Cutie Leslie Has Got A Body Like A Greek God

Duration: 5m, 1s, Starring Leslie Manzel

(153 Votes)

In this solo masturbation movie we get to see hung and gorgeous stud Leslie taking a walk in the amazing Mediterranean countryside. In the middle of no where with no one else around, he figures that it's a fine day to get naked - a true naturist! With the sun beating down on his chiselled body, he pulls out his dick and starts stroking it, tweaking his nipples with one hand while he pumps his schlong. He's got a body like a Greek God and your mouth will be watering as you watch him manipulating his enormous boner towards an eventual explosive cumshot. Wouldn't you love to be there with him and sucking on that impressive tool?

Sexy Boy Toy Ken Jerks His Long Dick Outside

Duration: 4m, 51s, Starring Ken Spencer

(226 Votes)

Ken Spencer is as sexy of a boy as you can hope for, and he's also going to be getting so hot and bothered that he needs to whip out his dick and start stroking it in the middle of nowhere. This scenic location is more than happy to have a well muscled, uncut man bringing out his monster dick, and he's especially happy to get to cum while the sun is beating down on him. There's nothing as hot as when he throws his head back, his muscles bunch up, and he ends up spraying his cum all over the place.

Classically Handsome Stud Leslie Pumps His Impressive Dick

Duration: 4m, 45s, Starring Leslie Manzel

(169 Votes)

Extremely handsome Caucasian stud Leslie has got classic good looks and an amazing body. The stud has got a sexy square jaw, with a full head of hair slicked back in a classic style. In this vid he is completely naked in a secluded spot by the seaside, sunning his toned and muscular body. He's also got an impressive muscle in between his legs - it's at least 9 inches long! He lies back in the sunshine, closing his eyes and fantasizing as he strokes his impressive tool. After some serious and furious cock stroking, he sends a thick jet of hot semen up high onto his chest and flat abdominal muscles. What a huge cumshot!

Roberto's Heavy Ballsacks Are In Need Of Serious Relief

Duration: 5m, 7s, Starring Roberto Giorgio

(65 Votes)

A gorgeous Italian stud in a lovely Mediterranean setting - what could be hotter than that? This stud's name is Roberto Giorgio, and he truly is a babe. He's got a fantastic body, completely hairless except for his thick and masculine pubes - and that gorgeous mop of hair on his head! He finds himself in the dappled shade of a broken down Mediterranean stone house, looking around to make sure that there is no one else around and then pulling out his thick member. He strokes himself softly at first, although he firms up his grip and picks up the pace later on. His cumshot is massive - it's obvious that his ballsacks were in need of release!

Gorgeous Muscle Stud Tom Masturbates In The Back Of His Boat

Duration: 5m, 5s, Starring Tom Jank

(185 Votes)

Young muscle stud Tom heads out on his boat for some alone time, ostensibly to go fishing - but instead he ends up jacking himself off in the bright sunshine! You can't blame him - if you had a muscular body or an incredible cock like he has, you'd want to play with it all the time too! He stands in the back of his boat completely nude, the sun glistening off his toned frame as he strokes himself to a full erection. It's an impressive dick that sticks up well past his belly button. He starts off slow but then gets furious, gripping the tip of his pole hard as he spunks himself off into the salty water. The jizz dribbles down the shaft.

Clean Cut Stud Soto Jacks Himself Off In Natural Splendor

Duration: 4m, 37s, Starring Soto Donovan

(328 Votes)

Masculine stud Soto sure is sexy! He's clean cut, with short and attractive hair and an extremely muscular body. In this vid he strips completely nude apart from his singlet, lying in the shallows at the side of the river, next to a gorgeous natural waterfall. However, you won't be distracted by the natural splendor - because Soto has got a cock swinging between his legs that just can't be ignored! He is completely focused on himself, not looking at the camera as he strokes his erect dick. You can see his swollen ballsack swinging from side to side in time with his rhythm soon he's blasting his own hot body with a torrent of sticky jizz.

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