Shy White Guy Begs For Stiff Black Cock

Duration: 32m, 2s, Starring L-Scrilla, Mason Winters

(767 Votes)

A dominant black man picks up a shy white guy at the club one night. The men go back to the black guy's house and find themselves sitting alone. It's up to the black man to take the initiative, so he pulls down his white friend's pants and sucks his cock until it is rock hard. His previously shy Caucasian friend, who isn't really out of the closet yet, overcomes his inhibitions and takes his first taste of black cock. As soon as he tastes the musky blackness, he can't get enough, swallowing it to the base. Then he rolls over onto his back, spreading his ass cheeks and begging his black buddy for that sweet ebony shaft.

Black Stud Fucks Some Tight White Ass

Duration: 27m, 52s, Starring Brecken, Mr. Sauki

(308 Votes)

An extremely well groomed black stud is feeling horny one afternoon, so he hits the streets, looking for some hot ass to fuck. He meets an attractive and tall white guy with a blond mohawk, getting to know him and taking them back to his room. The guys get naked on the bed, with the white guy initially assuming the dominant position, lying down on top of the black fellow while they kiss. They take turns sucking each others' cocks, with the white guy proving to be an adept an enthusiastic cocksucker. Once the black man is rock hard, he pushes his white buddy onto his back and slides his prick into that sweet white ass.

College Guy Ass Fucks Ghetto Black Dude

Duration: 27m, 42s, Starring Gemini, Ricardo Santana

(222 Votes)

This Caucasian stud can't wait to get home from university to check his e-mail messages. He jumps online and gets on the chat, and is pleased to see that there is a message from his extremely hot black boyfriend, straight from the ghetto. The guys spend some time watching each other masturbate over webcam and then the college boy invites his boyfriend over to his dorm room. They take turns sucking each others' cocks, swallowing each others' stiff shafts down to the base and gargling on the prick. Then the horny black takes it in his ass, bouncing up and down on it and taking it missionary position before he gets a sticky facial.

Picking Up A White Boy For A Black Dick

Duration: 29m, 53s, Starring Anthony Hendrix, King KB

(782 Votes)

Spying on a guy in the pool, King KB is telling his boy about how his thug ass is going to fuck the hell out of this naked white boy, and Anthony is all about it when he sees him getting his feet wet in the pool. They start making small talk, but it starts to get naughty when he takes his black cock out for him. He takes hold of his cock and sucks it up and down, drooling all over his chocolate cock by the side of the pool. After he gives him such good head, he invites him into the bedroom and bends him over to push his cock inside of his ass. He slams the hell out of his ass and cums all over him while he strokes his white pecker.

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