Big Dick Gay Guys in Interracial Action

Duration: 21m, 55s, Starring Big John, Juan Chelupa

(1466 Votes)

Juan Chelupa is a slender almost twink guy that has a nice big dick, but he is in the mood for some thick dick of his own. His friend, Big John, has a bigger dick than him and loves to shove that black dong down his boyfriend's throat. They only take a few minutes of getting warmed up in a mutual masturbation scene before Juan is swallowing that chocolate cock, moaning every time he takes another inch down his throat. He wants it in his ass more than anything, and eventually gets it pounded right in.

White Guy's Got A Craving For Hot Cocoa

Duration: 16m, 31s, Starring Frank White, Mac Daddy

(167 Votes)

After seeing what this hot black guy has to offer, who could blame this white dude for diving right into that ass? He starts to eat his asshole, drooling all over it and getting it nice and wet. Then the sexy black dude plants his lips in between the other guy's legs, sucking his tool stiff and preparing him to fuck his tight black ass. He grabs him by the hips and slams him deep while he jerks off. Then he lays on his side and plows his way even deeper in between his butt cheeks. The black guy then sits on top of the white guy's pierced penis, riding him roughly before laying down to receive his hot load all over his face and chest.

Hot Gay Interracial Dick Sucking

Duration: 21m, 6s, Starring Dominic, Vic Black

(203 Votes)

I think there comes a time in every gay man's life that makes then crave chocolate cock. Vic Black is more than happy to show Dominic his dick. I swear it was like this guy was getting a Christmas gift or something. His eyes lit up, and he just dove on that dick like it was the last cock on earth. I loved how he laid kind of sideways so I could see him stroking his cock with every up and down motion of his head - very nifty position, that one. Although the dick sucking was my favorite part, he also rides on that dick like a champion.

The Hunk Next Door in Interracial

Duration: 18m, 16s, Starring Chuck, Jamal Warner

(128 Votes)

Have you ever wondered if the guy next door was gay? Or maybe you just imagined him taking on a big black dong? Well Chuck here is your typical gay guy next door, with a well built body and a craving for chocolate cock that surprises even me. This guy is just nuts over big black dongs, and he also seems to have a ton of experience on properly slurping them down. He doesn't just suck that dick, he deepthroats it. His ass also craves the cock, and he gets stretched and pounded later on in the scene.

Hot Black Guys Masturbating in Casting

Duration: 10m, 8s, Starring Big John, Chuck, Jamal Warner, Mac Daddy, Vic Black

(162 Votes)

Have you ever wondering what goes on before you see a hot gay black guy in a casting? Well Chuck is interviewing the current crop of hot gay chocolate guys today, and oh my it's fucking hot. Sure they're mostly just sitting there and talking, but I love the way they start playing with their big black dongs and just doing it like they don't even realize they're making the dude so fucking horny. Big John, Mac Daddy, Vic Black, and Jamal Warner all take their place on the couch in this one - and I don't think Chuck could have possibly been happier.

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