Delicious White Stud Pounded by Black

Duration: 19m, 13s, Starring Ben Wayne, Kip Kasey

(178 Votes)

Food and porn - always a great combination, and one that Kip Kasey and Ben Wayne are taking advantage of in a few different ways. You'll get the pun with the vanilla covered chocolate cake soon enough, once you see what the action is going to be like. Not only do they use the food as a pun, they also go ahead and use it in their foreplay, spraying whipped cream all over each other's asses. Now if that's not a hot combination of food in sex, I don't know what is - these guys really go above and beyond to make this a great one.

Dennis Lincoln in Gay Interracial Fuck

Duration: 25m, 12s, Starring Dennis Lincoln, Thomas Bind

(146 Votes)

The scene starts off with a delicious looking cake - chocolate and vanilla. You might be a bit confused at first - after all you loaded this up expecting a porno, not a food show. However the significance of the cake soon comes into play when you see the gay pornstars that come out. First there's Dennis Lincoln - he's the vanilla in this equation. After that comes Thomas Bind, who adds his chocolate stick to this gay porn scene. Dennis ends up bending over to take a direct chocolate infusion, loving how much it stretches out his tight hole.

Horny Gay Men With White Toppings

Duration: 27m, 34s, Starring JR. Perez, Winston Love

(317 Votes)

When a black man and white man get together there are bound to be fireworks. Ebony stud Winston Love to eat dessert with whipped cream while sitting naked with a white naked man on his lap. Gripping JR's hard cock he pulls it up and down, jerking off his shaft as they kiss. With his big cock sucking lips puckered he lowers his mouth and takes the boner in. Laying back on the couch JR moistens Winston's shaft making it drip with saliva before bending him over to mount him from behind. They take turns pounding each other in the ass then painting themselves white with their own warm loads.

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