Hot Interracial Mutual Masturbation

Duration: 38m, 41s, Starring Ricky Parker, Roberto

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Ricky Parker and Roberto might not be fucking each other, and they might even say that they are straight. I could care less - I just know this vanilla and chocolate pair are side by side in a mutual masturbation scene that is making me horny as hell. I love watching the way their work their cocks nice and steady, slowly going along the full length and then going up and down, harder and harder. They almost end up cumming at the same time, their sticky stuff spraying all over the place and almost hitting each other.

Ebony Gays Have Hard Anal And Jerk Off

Duration: 12m, 9s, Starring Ray Don, Soloman

(347 Votes)

It's straight into the action in this hardcore gay fuck scene. The clip opens on the gorgeous bodies of two muscular gay men, with one lying face down and his buddy lying on top of him with his dick in his ass. The guy on top is bigger and darker, the black beast on top of his lighter skinned cousin. He ruts him hard in the ass, pressing him down into the mattress as his hard shaft buries itself in the bottom guy's butthole. Soon the bottom bitch can't take it any more, begging his friend to stop rutting him so hard. Instead, the ebony lovers lie side by side on the bed, cuddling while they jack themselves off all over their own stomachs.

White Guy Pays Young Black For Hot Blow

Duration: 21m, 31s, Starring Koby Bird, Roberto

(161 Votes)

What a lucky guy! This Caucasian lawyer is feeling horny one night, and extremely sexually frustrated. He is a bit of a nerd and he works too hard and he can never make it to the gay bar to pick up any studs for sex. Instead, he gets in his car and drives around to the poor neighbourhood of the city, picking up a young black guy with a shaved head and taking him back to his apartment. The white guy lies back in luxury, while the eager black cocksucker gets down on his prick. The black guy really knows how to use his mouth, alternating between suckling on the head and deepthroating, driving his john into a state of sexual ecstasy.

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