Burglar Crams His Cock Up Victim's Ass

Duration: 28m, 35s, Starring Matt Armani

(451 Votes)

Now this gay fantasy is seriously nasty! At first we see an ethnic thief sneaking into a guy's apartment, looking through all the obvious hiding places for valuables. Just as he is about to leave, the door swings open - it's the householder returning home early! Rather than hide or run away, the ethnic stud beats the poor home owner to the ground, tearing off his clothes and fucking him painfully in the ass with his big dick. The white boi screams as that huge brown cock tears up his butt good, although he eventually learns to love it! Soon the dominant ethnic thug is getting his cock sucked willingly by the victim of his burglary.

Cute Brown Boi Ass Fucked In Gym Shower

Duration: 13m, 29s, Starring Chris Steel, Cocoa Thug

(278 Votes)

Shaven headed stud Chris Steel is working out, pumping iron at the gym, watching his chest muscles flex as he works those heavy weights. Short brown skinned cutie Cocoa Thug watches him while he works out, showing his obvious admiration. As Chris sits down on a weight bench to rest for a moment, Cocoa seizes his opportunity, kneeling in between the tall white guy's legs and starting to suck his dick. Rather than go full retard in the middle of the gym, the guys head into the showers, where they can have some privacy to suck and jerk each other off. The young brown boi even gets fucked in his ass by the tall and strapping white stud!

Horny Gay Studs Masturbate Together On Sofa

Duration: 16m, 31s, Starring Jessie Sodi, Rocky B

(302 Votes)

After a chilled out afternoon of playing in the surf, tall, strapping blond stud Rocky takes young twink Jessie up to his room and fuck him hard in the ass! It's not much of a seduction - Jessie is keen from the get go to get stuck into Rocky's cock. Rocky is definitely a grower, not a shower, and his initially underwhelming prick soon swells into a ginormous hard on. Jessie sucks it real good, with Rocky roughly grabbing him by the hair and pumping his face up and down on the dick. Jessie squeals delightfully as he leans against the wall, sticking out his ass for Rocky to finger and then fuck. This is one serious fucking butt drilling!

White Boi Takes On Two Big Latino Cocks

Duration: 15m, 57s, Starring Chulo Garcia, Pepe Felipe, Scooter

(286 Votes)

What began as an innocent afternoon of playing in the backyard soon turns into a hardcore gay anal threesome! This white stud has clearly been targeted by these two virile Latinos, and they're not going to rest until they have both had a turn at tearing up his tight butt! The guys get half naked as they throw a ball around in the hot sun, but soon playtime is abandoned as the Latinos push their white boyfriend down onto his knees and shove their two big cocks in his mouth at the same time. The fellas disappear indoors, where they can escape from the hot sun and get down to some intense big cock interracial ass pounding action!

White Stud Takes First Big Brown Cock

Duration: 21m, 10s, Starring Damian Patric, Kai Summers

(153 Votes)

When this innocent white boi invites the Latino bad boy of his class back home, he never would have expected that he was going to be reamed right in his little ass! However, that's exactly what happens - but not before the white stud has tasted his first brown cock, too! There's some hot mutual cocksucking to get things started, but then the pretty white boi gets bent over the coffee table in the lounge and reamed hard in his butt by his big dick friend. He is secretly thrilled at the risk of it all. His unsuspecting parents could walk in at any moment and see their beloved son getting boned right in his butt - they would be horrified!

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