Burly Hunk Works His Dick Nice and Slow

Duration: 14m, 52s, Starring Gabriel Montoya

(125 Votes)

Gabriel Montoya is a classic hunk - he is very full of himself and arrogant. Just the combination that will sweep you off your feet and make you want to swoon. There is something about him that is just so decadent and delicious that I was waiting eagerly for him to take his cock out and start working it for the camera. He rips off a vest and opens up his zipper to reveal his big beefy cock already half full, then he goes for the wicker chair to take himself the rest of the way to orgasm. He cums all over the place.

Hairy Hunk Working His Dick in Solo

Duration: 10m, 53s, Starring Bobby Blonde

(132 Votes)

Solo masturbation scenes featuring guys are not as boring as you would think if you are used to hardcore porn. Bobby Blonde is a really hunky and hairy guy that is sitting back n the couch and working his cock slow and deliberately. He knows just how to stretch it out all the way, his hand circling his head and squeezing just a little bit at the end. Every time the camera goes up to his face you can see how into the masturbation solo scene he is, and by the end when he is cumming he is so damn loud.

Latex Encased Man Masturbating on Toilet

Duration: 9m, 4s, Starring Herr Slave

(116 Votes)

Now I've seen some fucking weird shit in porn, but Herr Slave's scene really takes the cake. He is completely covered in latex from head to toe - and I mean that literally. He has on a latex hood, shirt, gloves, pants, and it looks like he might even have latex boots on. Now that is a man really dedicated to the idea of latex. He is working at his cock and nipples at the same time, loving the way the smooth latex feels against his erect member. Once he's done he gets that latex all wet and messy.

Horny Hunk Masturbates Next to Odd Decor

Duration: 10m, 56s, Starring Zenza Raggi

(1128 Votes)

There is nothing really weird at first with this masturbation scene featuring Zenza Raggi, but then you take a look over to his left. There is a gnome statue - not all that weird, right? Well yes, until you notice the fact that this gnome is sporting a raging boner. What the fuck?? It doesn't do anything weird, but just stays there while he goes ahead and whacks it until he's good and hard. I just don't know if I have seen a more disturbing scene in porn before - it's super weird to me, and probably should be to you too.

Freaky Guy in Latex and Gas Mask

Duration: 11m, 56s, Starring Herr Psycho Mantis

(84 Votes)

What in the fuck is going on here - this is one of the freakiest pornos I have ever seen. Not surprisingly, it cmes from Germany as far as I can tell, which seems to be the land of bizarre shit. First off, Herr Pyscho Mantis is his name, which is weird enogh. Then he's in a latex outfit with latex stockings, gloves, and a dress. Yes, we have a rubber crossdresser on our hands. Then to top it all off, he's wearing a gas mask. Given that he's only masturbating in this scene, I have to say he's a little bit overdressed for the freak fest.

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