Hurricane Dees Gives A Mighty Blow

Duration: 13m, 32s, Starring Michael Rome, Dees

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He's been away from home for a long time, and you know they say - any port in a storm. Here comes hurricane Dees. He goes down on his pricker and with each stroke, he kept his tongue along the underside and then quickly swirled it around the head before pressing forward again. Michael was hard as a rock. He pulled out for again and quickly rammed it home all the way to the root. The next time liquid lava raced along the length of his cock. This is it. He had to shove that cock somewhere now. He crams it in his ass and pumps that black snake until it's spitting it's love venom on the crack of Dee's Ass.

Latin Heat Is A Spicy Hot Fucker

Duration: 19m, 58s, Starring Ricco Black, Latin Heat

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Ricco is looking at his stroke mag and squeezing his hard cock when his bunkmate comes in. They call him Latin Heat because he is a spicy hot fucker. He immediate y sees Ricco's big pole and Latin Heat sucks Ricco's hard rod in his mouth feeling it press deep within his throat. He felt a little gag at first, but just kept inching farther and farther in while flicking his tongue over the shaft to keep it wet and slippery. Ricco stuffs Latin's face with his magnum. Latin wants that hot tamale up his ass though, and Ricco strokes it straight to the bottom as their balls bang together til he shoots hot salsa.

Soldiers Ricco And Frank Are Ass Pirates

Duration: 21m, 52s, Starring Ricco Black, Frank

(14 Votes)

When Ricco grabs Frank's dick and starts stroking it up and down, Frank moans in pleasure. He then plunges his face down onto Frank's cock, and licks it with long slow strokes up and down the length of his shaft. Ricco groans as he sucks and puts his hand over the smooth well-muscled ass of his lover. Frank pumped Ricco's mouth like a piston, moving his hips to the rhythm of their sex. He positioned his cock at the entrance of Franks ass, gently applied pressure, and slowly began to let Frank's ass swallow his cock. He feels his balls tighten and pulls out, and his cock spewed hot white cum into the air and on Frank's chin.

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