Sexy Young Guys Have Hot Anal On Balcony

Duration: 15m, 57s, Starring Ben Yonne, Joshua Cartier, Tomy O'rne

(138 Votes)

Regardless of who might be watching, these two horny homosexuals are desperate to get off! They begin cuddling out on the balcony, dressed only in their underwear. Then they removed even that clothing, revealing a couple of rock hard penises that are surprisingly large for these slender guys. They take turns sucking each others' dicks, loving the taste of that cock and the salty precum in their mouths. Then the brunette guy bends over the railing, trying to act as if nothing is happening as his blond butt buddy slides his penis into his rear end. Anyone could see them having anal sex, but the guys keep plugging away until they both cream!

Rich Man Sodomizes His Hot Young Butler

Duration: 21m, 21s, Starring Joshua Cartier, Julian LeCoq

(233 Votes)

This clip opens with a good-looking and wealthy young stud reading a book on his day off. At the snap of his fingers, the help walks in, a good-looking young butler who brings him his drink. When he sees the butler bending over in front of him, the wealthy man decides that he is feeling horny and that he wants a piece of that fine ass! He pulls the butler down onto his lap, instructing him to suck his cock and lick his ass hole. The butler does just that, moaning in satisfaction as he tongues his employer's crack. Then he bends over for a savage doggystyle fucking, grunting as his employer sodomises roughly with his big cock.

Wanker Manager Fucked Over Hood Of Car

Duration: 20m, 50s, Starring Alexi Ferron, Olivier Christ

(362 Votes)

As often happens, this sad middle management control freak turns out to be completely the opposite in the sack - a submissive cocksucker who loves to get fucked in the ass! A hard-working young man is busily cleaning cars in the garage when his manager approaches him, bitching about some triviality. The hard-working man cleaning the cars rolls his eyes - he knows that what his manager really needs is a good ass fucking! Before the anal begins, the guys have some hot mutual oral, sucking each others' dicks in a 69 in the back seat of the car. Only then does the blond manager get bent over the hood, banged in his little butt while he groans.

Josh And Bob Love Dirty Ass Licking Fun

Duration: 15m, 1s, Starring Bob Gironde, Joshua Cartier

(167 Votes)

While their sugar daddy is away, these two hot young studs need some real pleasure! The problem with fucking an older man all the time is that you have to be submissive to his dirtydesires if you want to keep getting paid; there is little room for totally free sexual expression. Not so in this steamy gay hardcore clip as the guys suck each others' cocks and lick each other's butts in a hot 69 that will make you want to cream your pants right then and there! Then there is some serious anal fucking, as the younger of the two men spits on his own hole and then takes it rough and deep. The two men masturbate together at the end of the vid.

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