Yummy Twinks in Interracial Action

Duration: 20m, 38s, Starring Lucas DeSolei, Nicky Wells

(203 Votes)

Lucas DeSolei is watching Nicky Wells mow the lawn, and he finds himself getting hornier and hornier as he watches this white boy cutting the grass. He walks outside, wrapping his mouth around that cock, finding his own dick getting so hard that it almost hurt. They fucked right on the path, letting the smell of fresh cut grass waft over them, their dicks so hard that they're going to spurt all over the place in a few minutes. Nicky bends over for Lucas, his tight asshole getting stretched and torn in their passion.

Cute Gay Couple Having Great Sex

Duration: 22m, 9s, Starring Julian LeCoq

(628 Votes)

Julian LeCoq and his boyfriend are in the mood to have some of the most passionate gay sex that they have ever experienced. This requires a nice, romantic spot outside to get them in the mood, along with plenty of sexual chemistry that they have built up over the years. The dick sucking gets them both turned on, and their cocks are as hard as the rocks they're fucking on by the time Julian is ready to slide his dick in. After all that kissing, cuddling, and cock sucking, it's nice to see the explosive finish.

Cute Jocks Getting Nasty Under the Sun

Duration: 19m, 59s, Starring Joey Papineau, Julian LeCoq

(172 Votes)

Julian LeCoq and Joey Papineau are in the mood to have some sex under the sun, so they end up finding the most romantic spot in the woods to have a nice, long, leisurely fuck fest. The blowjobs come first, and you can see just how into it they are. Their mouths wrap right around those schlongs, getting more and more intense as they go, the dicks sliding down to hit the back of their throats before long. Joey ends up getting an ass full of cock from Julian LeCoq, and he ends up walking pretty damn funny the next day.

White Hunk Enjoying Latino Sausage

Duration: 20m, 39s, Starring Suny Tessier, Vincent Henri

(185 Votes)

Suny Tessier and Vincent Henri have been waiting to run out to the grass and fuck for the longest of times. There is just something about rolling around in a field, the sun beating down on you, the sounds of nature giving way for their lusty and passionate love making, and the fact that no one is going to interrupt the fun that they're about to have. Vincent is a spicy Latino hunk that loves introducing Suny to some interracial gay loving. He slips his exotic dick deep in that sweet ass, stretching it out.

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