Jungle Man Sucking Big Black Dick

Duration: 19m, 52s, Starring Andre Mulato, Carlos Campos

(414 Votes)

I have no idea what the whole plot is with this jungle man type of thing, but I do know that if all the men of the jungle are as hot as Carlos Campos then I'm planning a trip there post haste. He wanders out into the bedroom of Andre Mulato. This Blatino is a bit confused as to why a jungleman is in his house, but he recovers from that pretty damn quickly once he gets Carlos sucking his dick. He ends up showing Carlos a great time, not only letting him get fucked by his big dick, but also letting him play with some dildos.

Two Cute Twinks Fuck on Benches

Duration: 22m, 13s, Starring Jack Joy, Rodrigo Ferraro

(237 Votes)

Jack Joy is a bit of a nerdy boy, although when he's wearing his glasses he's wearing them to look at porn. He's on the slender side which throws him right into twinkville - and that's a nice thing for me. His boyfriend comes in the room and just starts kissing him after a little bit of small talk. Rodrigo Ferraro is a twink as well, and he is as amorous as Jack is over seeing him. They start off with some rimming and move to dick sucking, although the best part is, of course, the ass fucking action at the end.

Saucy Gay Guys Fucking Outside

Duration: 19m, 40s, Starring Marcelo Indigo, Pedro Professor

(192 Votes)

Pedro Professor is in the mood for something different, and apparently something different involves him wandering the woods until he runs into Marcel Indigo. They are fucking kinky as hell, and start off with some ball sucking, ass fingering, and even lots of gay rimming. They keep going at it hard as fuck until Pedro decides to bend over Marcelo to give him the ass fucking that he so greatly desires. I love watching them pounding that dick in, especially with the great camera angle that gets you up close to the action.

Jock Coed Fucked by Bulky Hunk

Duration: 20m, 28s, Starring Frank Lemos, Jack Joy, Rock Garanhao

(203 Votes)

Frank Lemos is chilling on the bed when his friend Rock Garanhao comes over. Frank is a little bit on the slender side, a kind of coed jock that is just hot as hell. I'm not really sure what the hell Rock is doing - it looks like he's dressed up like a cave stud or jungle guy, and he scares the fuck out of Frank. However this animalistic passion of Rock's is hard to resist, and they end up fucking each other. I never thought I would see cave dude porn, but I do know that this is one of the hottest roleplaying pornos I've seen.

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