Black Slave Ruins A Tight White Asshole

Duration: 26m, 34s, Starring Junior Carioca, Robert Carvalho

(2427 Votes)

On this evil racist farm, all of the ethnic workers are cruely enslaved by the white ranch owners. In this scene, one of the aforementioned black workers is doing his chores in the field when he is approached by a puny but arrogant white man. This horny homo wants some of that black cock, telling his employee to stop his working and to receive a blow job! Then the white rancher bends over, ordering the black stud to fuck him was his humongous ebony shaft. The black man does so, ruining the tight white ass hole and cumming on the guy's face. While his employer is dozing, the black man grabs a shot gun and secures his release.

Black Slave Ties Up Owner And Fucks Him

Duration: 26m, 54s, Starring Lucas Jhow, Renzo

(508 Votes)

There is a lot of friction on this multiracial farm. One of the white ranch owners comes across one of the good-looking black employees that he likes to. He totally disciplines the poor man, beating him with a stick and ordering him to strip nude. The proud and well muscled black man stands there in front of his white owner, pathetically trying to cover his genitals. Like many overtly homophobic men, this rancher really craves the thing that he claims to detest so much, falling to his knees and taking the black slave's cock in his mouth. The black man takes his opportunity to pay his employer back with a hardcore ass reaming.

Black Ass Fucks White Dude In the Barn

Duration: 26m, 46s, Starring James, Marcos

(250 Votes)

Come back to the good old days of slavery in this hardcore interracial gay sex scene. Two workers find themselves together in the barn, a muscular black man and a shorter but extremely attractive Caucasian stud. The black man notices that the Caucasian keeps casting covert glances in his direction, the eyes bulging slightly everytime the black man flexes a muscle or bends over. Soon, the white guy gives in to his base urges, getting down on his knees and pulling down the black man's pants, wordlessly taking the prick in his mouth and swallowing. The white guy gets a hardcore ass fucking and finally gets his chest drenched with jism.

Ethnic Captive Gets Ass Full Of Semen

Duration: 13m, 32s, Starring Gabriel Shuller, Matheus Axell

(177 Votes)

It's the same old story: the white colonialist bends the ethnic man over and fucks him in the ass! This proud ethnic warrior has a muscular body and is lead in front of his white master with his arms tied behind his back. He is completely helpless as the dominant white male instructs him to his knees, ramming his stiff Caucasian prick into the ethnic man's mouth. You can see the brown skinned man grimacing as he tastes a prick for the first time, but it gets even worse for him! The white man, keeping his captive with his arms tied up, gives him a long and painful ass fucking. You've got to pity the poor chap - a sore ass, filled with semen!

Black Muscle Man Shows His Thick Cock

Duration: 7m, 34s, Starring Junior Carioca

(163 Votes)

If you find yourself aroused by the wild antics of the black man, step inside this clip and go solo with well hung and extremely muscular black stud Junior. This chap has got an amazingly well muscled body, with amazing pectoral muscles and huge biceps. Let's not forget that fantastic black cock swinging between his thighs! He pulls it out of his pants and the camera pans down his fantastic chest to that throbbing monster. He plays with it a little, making it twitch and stand up on end, completely engorged with blood. What a fantastic boner that is! He swings around, giving you a peek at his tight nutcracking buttocks as well.

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