Homosexual Lovers Do Some Housework

Duration: 20m, 34s, Starring David Nicolas, Richard Matthews

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David Nicolas is doing the dishes in his underwear while his lover Richard Matthews gets turned on looking at a gay porn magazine. Richard watches David's body as he finishes the dishes, and Richard joins him in the kitchen. The men help each other strip naked, and Richard kneels to suck David's hard cock. They switch positions and David blows Richard, and David lays back in a chair and spreads his legs wide so Richard can fuck him up the ass. David bends over to take it doggy style, and Richard blasts his load all over David's ass before David jerks his own cum onto Richard's chest.

Muscular Young Homos Have Hot Anal Sex

Duration: 24m, 18s, Starring Mitch Talon, Theo Spears

(214 Votes)

Mitch Talon stretches out on the couch in just his underwear, and he flips through a gar porno magazine. He gets very turned on and begins to masturbate when he's joined by his boyfriend, Theo Spears. Theo leans over to suck Mitch's hard cock, and Mitch goes down on Theo in return. Theo gets on all fours so that Mitch can loosen up his tight ass with a dildo, and they 69 before Mitch fucks Theo doggy style. Mitch reams Theo's butt hole while spooning him, and both men finally jerk their loads all over Theo's stomach and chest.

Gorgeous Gay Studs Suck And Fuck

Duration: 24m, 8s, Starring Josh Partington, Kyle Burton

(219 Votes)

Lovers Kyle Burton and Josh Partington sit next to each other on the couch while each of them flip through pornographic magazines. They get very turned on, and they kiss as they caress each other's bodies. They help each other strip, and Josh Sucks Kyle's hard cock. Kyle blows Josh in return, and they move to the bed, where they 69. Kyle gets on his hands and knees to take it up the ass doggy style, and he rides Josh's dick anal cowboy. Kyle finally takes Josh's load deep in his butt before he jerks his own cum all over Josh's stomach.

Cody And Lance Have Sex At The Spa

Duration: 25m, 21s, Starring Cody Brown, Lance Goerge

(227 Votes)

Muscular stud Cody Brown oils himself up at a spa as Lance George looks on. Lance likes what he sees, and Cody notices that he's being watched and beckons Lance over. The men jerk themselves off as they watch each other, and Cody sucks Lance's hard cock. Lance drops to his knees to return the favor and go down on Cody, and Cody gets on his hands and knees to get fucked up the ass doggy style. Cody lays back to have his butt reamed missionary, and both men finally shoot their hot cum all over Cody's tight stomach.

Hot Homos Have Steamy Shower Sex

Duration: 25m, 53s, Starring Alex McMahon, Nathan Short

(130 Votes)

Nathan Short takes a steamy shower, and he's feeling a bit horny. He strokes his hardening cock, and he's joined by his lover Alex McMahon. Alex undresses and the men kiss passionately as they rub their dicks together. Nathan squats to suck Alex's hard cock, and the men head to the bedroom, where they continue to blow each other. Nathan lays back and spreads his legs so Alex can work it with a gold vibrator, and Nathan takes Alex's cock up his ass doggy style. Alex blows his load all over Nathan's stomach, and Nathan gives Alex A messy facial.

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