Gay Roomies Paying Their Rent to the Land Lord

Duration: 31m, 47s, Starring Kirk Kelley, Timothy Taylor, Wes Roberts

(359 Votes)

Kirk Kelly needs some serious deep dickings, and he needs it any way he can get his hands or mouth on it! Timothy Taylor can smell his desperation, and decides to cash in on his good luck, but so does Wes Roberts. Both men work their charms to get Kirk's clothes off and it works. Once their jeans hit the floor lips lock around wangs and heads start bobbing away, getting them all ready for the real fun. These boys start into the hardcore ass action with all the lust in their loins, riding their bodies to the limit and blasting man-milk all over each other!

Queer Bait Jerking it for Other Cam Sluts

Duration: 21m, 38s, Starring Damian

(279 Votes)

Damian works the internet, not just on it, but the people on it too. He's made a good business of taking a little time out of his day to get naked for people that want to see him, and playing with himself for them! Today is no different as he starts to strip for the cameras on him, and get his massive cock hard for his audience! Tweeking his nipples and showing off his tanned ass, he knows what his customers want. He sits back in his office chair and starts rubbing his shaft slow and steady, talking us through it.

Horny Guys Showing Off Gay Love on Their Web Cam

Duration: 26m, 6s, Starring Butch Love, Fernando Montoya

(468 Votes)

Fernando Montoya and Butch Love are firing up their webcam and getting ready to entertain everyone. They're making sure that their audience gets a great view of their cocks, and they're going to be sucking dick right in front of that cam. They have great studly bodies, and they're definitely going to be working themselves in to a hard dick frenzy. Their asses are sweet as hell, and they're going to make sure that their cocks get completely drained. The cum covered webcam is going to make their entire audience happy.

Webcam Stripper Jerod Has The Perfect Mouthful In His Pants

Duration: 9m, 54s, Starring Jerod Stevens

(131 Votes)

Jerod Stevens is a regular looking Caucasian guy with a nice body and a clean crewcut - but his cock is fucking magnificent! If you had a prick this big then you would probably spend all day masturbating on the Internet too Jerod likes to trawl the Internet for horny guys, providing impromptu cam shows for free. In this vid he can't wait to get his dick out, pulling down his sexy striped boxer shorts and jeans to reveal his already tumescent wang. He quickly pumps himself to a full erection, and that pole just seems to get bigger and bigger - it's got to be well over 8 inches long! A clean prick like that is the perfect mouthful!

Naughty Gay Webmasters Enjoy Tryst

Duration: 18m, 41s, Starring Rafael, Rio Quentin

(898 Votes)

It looks like these guys are going to be enjoying their time at work a little bit more than usual. They're bringing out their cocks and taking a little break from their work. They're sucking, licking and messing around with one another, making sure to give a good show to the people in their chatroom. Their dicks are hard as diamonds and the men are eager to please one another. Before long you'll find that these guys are ready to do just about anything that gets suggested through their chatroom while they fuck.

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