Hot Anal Fuck In Outdoor Public Toilet

Duration: 21m, 15s, Starring Cedrick Remy, Nabil Bullick

(395 Votes)

One of the problems of having to use an outside toilet is the possibility of meeting another man in there! That's exactly what happens in this scene, as a young man heads off, only to find another man sitting on the toilet masturbating as soon as he opens the door! Of course, he doesn't walk away, closing the door behind him for some cramped but extremely hot sex in the bathroom. The two guys take turns sucking each others' cocks and then fucking each other in the butt, moving to an outdoor space so that they have more room. After they have finished buggering each other, they lie side by side, pumping each others' cocks.

Rampant Studs Seduce Two Young Gardeners

Duration: 37m, 50s, Starring David Shue, Ken Dumoulin, Kevin Richards, Luke Loader

(633 Votes)

A couple of highly sexed young studs go for a romantic walk in the woods. Entering a clearing, they see a couple of young and sexy gardeners doing their jobs, one of them weeding and the other riding on a ride on mower. The guys split up, taking one gardener each and seducing them right there! At first the guys get it on as couples and then they all come together for a steamy big cock foursome in the middle of the clearing. There is one especially excellent section where all four guys are having anal sex at once - truly an acrobatic feat! One particular guy ends up getting splattered with the sticky loads of the other three men.

Hot Construction Guys Take An Anal Break

Duration: 22m, 10s, Starring Alain DuPont, Alexi Ferron

(463 Votes)

A couple of young studs are building a house out in the woods, far away from any other human habitation. The dominant male turns up a little bit late, finding his younger partner already hammering away. However, the older stud doesn't want to hammer any nails - rather, he wants to hammer his partner's ass! He walks up behind the hard hat wearing stud, lifting the hammer out of his hand and placing it to one side. The guys have some hot mutual oral sex, and then the younger man gets bent over and fucked roughly in his bum. He grunts and groans, pressing his face in to a towel to hide his pathetic moaning. The men share a kiss at the end.

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