Hunk Fucks His Wee Ass With Beaded Dildo

Duration: 15m, 50s, Starring Austin

(194 Votes)

Hairy and muscular stud Austin is one of that small ethnicity of straight guys who loves a little bit of anal play. Whether it's by himself or with a partner, he has got an incredibly receptive ass and it makes him cum super hard if he's got stuff shoved up it! At first he just wanks his big cock, using some hand lotion for lubrication; then he pulls out a purple, beaded dildo and slowly eases it into his butt. You'll be amazed how easily the beads of the sex toy slip in to his ring piece until more than half of it has disappeared up his bunghole! He continues to pump his cock, moving the toy around in his ass to stimulate his prostate.

Bald Muscle Stud Shows His Enormous Cock

Duration: 22m, 21s, Starring Troy

(189 Votes)

If you like your guys beefy and masculine, bald headed, tattooed stud Troy will definitely make you rock hard! He sits on the bed reading a porno magazine, topless and showing off his guns and tattoos; then he pulls his truly enormous prick out of his pants and starts to stroke it! Even though he is a big dude, that dick is even larger than you would expect! The cameraman gets in on the scene, giving Troy a fantastic bareback blow job. It's obvious that this straight stud isn't used to having his cock sucked by another guy, but the cameraman has got brilliant blow job skills, soon getting big cock Troy to the point of cumming.

Tattooed Stud Shows Extremely Hairy Cock

Duration: 29m, 49s, Starring Dylan

(223 Votes)

Sexy college bad boy Dylan comes to this hot masturbation and blow job scene with a confidence born of the fact that he knows that he is good-looking! At first he just strips off his top, showing off a toned chest and abs along with some extremely sexy tribal tattoos. He switches on some porn on the TV, stripping down to his boxers and rummaging with his genitals before he gets completely nude. He's got a thick but short cock with extremely bushy pubic hair - wouldn't you love to bury your nose in those pubes while you sucked him off? He strokes himself, and then the cameraman places the camera down on the tripod for some blow job fun.

Straight Guy Trent Dildos His Ass Hole

Duration: 25m, 25s, Starring Trent

(468 Votes)

For an allegedly straight guy, young twink Trent sure looks comfortable with a dildo shoved up his ass! The sexy young college guy strips and shows a lithe, toned body with a nice thick cock - it's always the small guys that end up having the biggest dicks! At first he just masturbates on the sofa, quickly attaining a blazing erection and squeezing his prick until you can see a trickle of precum at the eye of his shaft. He pulls out an extremely large dildo - even bigger than his already hulking cock - and slowly works it into his butt! The cameraman also gets in on the action, lowering his ass down on Trent's now enormous cock.

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