Tattooed Stud Aaron Strokes His Penis

Duration: 13m, 9s, Starring Aaron Gunner

(208 Votes)

Normally, shaven headed, tattooed punk rock star Aaron Gunner wouldn't be seen anywhere near a gay porn movie shoot. However, luckily for us, this dude urgently needs some cash - and he's not above showing off his gorgeous body for a few bucks! He's super hot, with a clean shaven head and some hardcore tattoos down one arm. He has also got a hot, toned body with a completely flat stomach, not to mention a really impressive dick! His pubes are neatly trimmed, and his balls are completely smooth. He arches his back as he jacks himself off, getting the business done quickly and spunking on his own stomach. He quickly walks off with cash!

Beefcake Chris Spunks On His Own Stomach

Duration: 11m, 18s, Starring Chris Tag

(281 Votes)

Now this guy is a super stud! His name is Chris Tag, and he's got an extremely muscular, beefcake body. Either this guy is a real gym junkie, or he has a physical job that keeps him so muscular and toned. At first he's a little bit shy, half-heartedly taking off his pants to reveal his semierect cock. However, as he lies back on the sofa and begins to stroke himself, closing his eyes and fantasizing, his penis grows to an enormous size. It seriously doubles in length, at least! There are some fantastic close-ups of the pole and then it is obscured by Chris's hand as he jerks himself furiously. He spunks messily over his own stomach.

Hairy Alpha Male Jerald Jerks Himself

Duration: 15m, 38s, Starring Jerald Studd

(274 Votes)

Now this is a real man's man! His name as Jerald, and he kicks off this solo wank movie by peeling off his singlet and track pants. You'll gasp when you see him in his tight black underpants; he's got an awesome, muscular body, coupled with an extremely attractive coating of hair, and a decent sized bulge is clearly outlined against his y-fronts. Although this guy is straight, you have to think that there must be some element of gayness in him, judging by the eagerness with which he shows off his big cock to the camera. It's a magnificent shaft, coupled with a pair of hairy balls that are just bursting full of hot jism.

Hairy Mark Giant Strokes His Hard Penis

Duration: 19m, 54s, Starring Mark Giant

(214 Votes)

In this solo male masturbation video, hairy stud Mark Giant jacks himself off on to his own stomach. He begins the movie wearing a tight pair of underpants, which looks quite preppy, almost as if he was a jock; it contrasts in incongruous fashion with his long surfer hair. He is also quite hairy, his legs and stomach covered with a thick matting of hair once he gets nude. However, there is no mistaking that fine penis - wouldn't you love to wrap your lips around it, or help him jerk off? This guy is obviously an expert at masturbation, tugging himself off in record time. It's a hot and sticky load and he almost drowns in his own spunk!

Matt Spunks Out His Pent Up Cum Load

Duration: 15m, 30s, Starring Matt Harper

(957 Votes)

Your dick will be hard as soon as you see good-looking college stud Matt Harper. This all-American dude looks like he should be the captain of the football team; lucky for us, he is having trouble paying his college tuition and so he decides to jerk off on camera for money! He's got a really hot bod, quite muscular, and that cock is absolutely divine! Genetically, most guys' penises reach to the belly button when erect, but Matt's goes several inches further. He furiously pumps his fat schlong until he deposits a thick stream of jizz on to his belly button and down over his snail trail. He must have had a really pent up load!

Latino With Big Cock Jerks Himself Off

Duration: 18m, 18s, Starring Rico Deep

(468 Votes)

You're definitely going to be impressed with the cock size of stud Rico Deep! This good-looking straight guy jerks off for your enjoyment in this solo male clip. He looks like he might have some Latino blood in him, judging by his facial features, and he is sporting a sexy, neatly trimmed goatee. He gets naked and sits on the sofa, stroking his semierect cock. When he's flaccid, his dick looks quite small, but when he jerks himself to a full erection it's fucking massive! He leans back with one hand behind his head as he pumps the hard shaft with the other, eventually working the hot jizz load out of the eye of his stiff prick.

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