Hardcore Gay Fucking With Bobby And Johnny

Duration: 10m, 9s, Starring Bobby, Johnny

(939 Votes)

Bobby and Johnny have had all of the same classes their senior year of college, and they've had a thing for each other for quite some time. They're going to finally get a chance to act this out by working all over one another, letting their hands do the walking as they get so worked up that they're going to explode almost as soon as they really get into the swing of things. It's a rather intense scene that leaves these guys gasping for breath and wanting so much more to happy when they're done with one another.

Skinny Asian Stud Squats Right Down On A Stiff Caucasian Cock

Duration: 12m, 23s, Starring Ki B, Lil' Menace

(152 Votes)

Oral is the name of the game as horny gay couple Lil' Menace and Ki B sunbathe naked in the backyard. This interracial couple are obviously genuinely into each other - you can tell that the on-screen chemistry is electric! Ki B is definitely the submissive one, although he enjoys a hot blow job from his good looking Caucasian boyfriend at the beginning of the scene. After that, however, it's all about Lil' Menace, and he fucks his Korean boyfriend in the mouth and then in the ass. The skinny Asian stud also rides the dick like a pro, squatting right down onto the pink pole and taking the full length in to his tasty shit hole.

Effeminate Twink Twista Jacks Off His Thick And Long Cock

Duration: 7m, 38s, Starring Twista

(183 Votes)

Athletic young twink Twista certainly looks after himself! He's got a sweet and toned body, nicely tanned with some sexy tan lines around his crotch. He also has quite an effeminate and well groomed face, with carefully plucked eyebrows. In fact, it looks like he might spend some time as a cross dresser! However, there is nothing feminine about that thick cock between his legs, which is long, proud and erect. He lies floating in the pool, jacking himself before he gets up on dry land to show off his butthole. Then he thrashes his pole wildly, causing a large sheet of sperm to gush out all over his toned chest and flat abs.

Gay Roommate's Voyeurism Leads To Some Deep Anal Fucking

Duration: 10m, 19s, Starring Alex Trenton, Bobby

(198 Votes)

Bobby is watching some porno in his room, lying on the carpet and playing with his cock. He hears the creak of the bedroom door - it's his roommate Alex, watching him in dirtyfashion! Rather than being angry, Bobby invites the other stud in to the room, pointing to his hairy dick and expecting oral service. Slutty Alex crouches in between his roommate's thighs, blowing him while he fingers his own tight ass. Then Alex bends over on all fours, with Bobby getting in behind and then slowly easing his cock, still dripping with Alex's saliva, into his virginal rear end. That deep anal penetration certainly makes Alex moan!

College Jock Abandons His Workout For Robust Cock Stroking

Duration: 9m, 45s, Starring Anthony Holloway

(310 Votes)

When good looking stud Anthony gets to the gym, he's surprised to see that there is no one else around. He decides to do something a little bit risque, stripping off completely nude to perform his work out. Being a college jock, Anthony has got a delicious body, completely hairless except for his pubic hair and with a nice long dick. He pumps iron for a while, but he can't resist that stirring in his pants, lying down to jack himself off. He pumps himself furiously while he reaches around with his other hand to finger his butt, finally spurting all over his own flat stomach. He cleans up his jizz with his soiled white underpants.

Ben Likes To Rub His Man Meat For That Tasty Cum

Duration: 7m, 36s, Starring Ben

(363 Votes)

Ben is just your average college jock, but he's not so average in that he loves to film himself when he's masturbating. He's got a well built body, not super built but just enough to make you want to start to squirm in pleasure. He also has a great dick that is going to catch your attention, standing hard at attention. His ass is also presented for you to enjoy, pointing right at the camera until he knows that you aren't going to be able to look away. It's a rather delicious booty that is going to be on your mind for a long time.

Young Stud Alex Shows The Huge Load He's Been Saving For You

Duration: 8m, 24s, Starring Alex Trenton

(199 Votes)

Young college twink Alex is super sexy! He's got a hot young body on him, nice and toned without being too muscular but with no baby fat either. He's still a young man but he's got a masculine set to his jaw along with a gorgeous smile and pearly white teeth. Of course, his two main assets are spectacular - namely, his short but thick cock and his tight white ass! He poses uninhibitedly, showing off his ass hole before he strokes himself to a sensational orgasm. He has obviously been saving his jizz because he has got a massive splattering load to show you! He also smokes a cigarette and cleans off his cock and balls in the shower.

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