Three Thugs Run A Train On A White Ass

Duration: 22m, 42s, Starring Bam, Bobby Blake, Flex-Deon Blake

(592 Votes)

Often, these hardcore black gang bangers are straight thugs! Not so for this pathetic white fucker - he just seems to love black cocks! He bows down submissively in front of these three studs, tickling their ball sacks and sucking their enormous poles. Then the guys take turns screwing him in his ass; you can tell by the way that they manage to get their enormous lengths in to him quite easily that he has obviously been sodomized before. He even jerks off two of the men while one is fucking him in the ass! The white queer jerks himself off as the three men spurt all over his face, leaving him sore, spent and humiliated.

Black Monster Delivers Savage Ass Fuck

Duration: 14m, 51s, Starring Bobby Blake, Chris Donnell

(693 Votes)

White stud Chris is on his bed in his y-fronts when suddenly the door gets kicked in by black thug Bobby Blake. Bobby grabs Chris by the hair, yanking his head back. Before Chris knows what's happening, he's got a mouthful of hard black cock! He grimaces as the dribbling cock head touches the end of his throat, making him gag. Then he gets bent over and fucked hard in his butt with virtually no lube. Lucky for him, Bobby puts on a condom, because who knows where that dirty cock's been! Chris groans as his ass hole gets stretched out by this violent black mother fucker, who pounds him with no mercy.

Black Thug Tears Up A White Ass Hole

Duration: 15m, 17s, Starring Ethan Starr, Flex-Deon Blake

(461 Votes)

This dirty white boy is about to get fucked hard in the ass - prison style! He gets picked up off the street by this extremely muscular stud. The black dude's penis is enormous, almost as thick as the white man's wrist. He doesn't even complain when the black fella rubs his ass hole all over the Ethan's mouth, teasing him to eat his ass. He certainly squeals, however, when he gets pushed flat on his back and fucked hard in the ass by the hulking black monster!

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