Hung Ebony Ex-Cons Enjoy Surprise Anal Sex In The Shower

Duration: 19m, 48s, Starring Krave, Omega

(453 Votes)

Ebony studs Crave and Omega might be out of the clink, but they've carried on the hardcore gay relationship they started when they were in the slammer. As if replaying a torrid scene from their incarceration, Omega surprises Crave in the shower, making him gasp as Omega pulls away the shower curtain and exposes Crave's hot body. Omega bends his boyfriend over, not even bothering to lube up his buddy's butt - he just rams his fat cock home straight away! Crave cries out in pain but his ebony ass juices soon lubricate his anus and he starts to enjoy being bent over against the wall and fucked up the ass. He even takes the load in his butt!

Horny Black Thugs Sucking Each Other's Dicks

Duration: 26m, 48s, Starring Infamous, Xclusive, Young Jezzy

(1272 Votes)

If you're looking for plenty of hot black guys that are just dying for a taste of dick, you've found them. Xclusive, Young Jezzy and Infamous are all about this hardcore black gay threesome that leaves them all very satisfied. The dicks are absolutely gigantic, so if you're looking for size you are going to be the happiest person in the world. These men are also making sure that they're getting those dicks completely down their throats before long, choking and coughing because they're too damn big to handle.

Gay Thug Captain Gets a Bj from his Ganbanger

Duration: 17m, 36s, Starring Nashville, Young Hover

(231 Votes)

Young Hover has been moving up a lot lately, scoring better deals and getting more money. More money more problems though, and he's starting to feel the stress of success. That's when he sees Nashville, a young buck just getting his start in the gang and decides it's time to ease all this stress after all. He calls Nashville over and gets him to get naked to 'look for a wire', and then gets him to look for a wire on him. It doesn't take much to get his cock deep in Nashville's throat, and then rim him a bit for when he starts reaming the new guy!

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