Hot Wet Ebony Thugs Loving the Cock

Duration: 38m, 40s, Starring Mr. Sauki, Polo Starr

(1392 Votes)

It's time for a hot bathroom scene with Mr. Sauki and Polo Starr. This pair of thugs might think that they're some kind of a badass, but their passion really shows through when they start messing around with each other in the bathroom. First they are getting soapy as hell, the suds contrasting against their delicious chocolate skin. After they are all lathered down and hard as rocks, they start moving out of the tub so that you can see their delicious, wonderful bodies. And then there's the fucking, with those large, glorious dicks.

Gay Black Bucks Fucking with Huge Poles

Duration: 20m, 5s, Starring Kurupt, Seduction

(630 Votes)

Seduction doesn't have to work hard for his name-sake with Kurupt in the room. They both want hot hard black shafts in their mouths and they aren't going to waste time! Kurupt almost dives on Seductions erect man-meat, bobbing his head up and down, and getting his boxers down to prep his ass with his fingers a little. Never gagging on that enormous pole, he spins around so Seduction can fuck his ass harder than the tax system! To go deeper, Seduction balls Kurupt up a little and really starts drilling it home!

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