This Dude Loves A Black Cock In His Ass

Duration: 31m, 9s, Starring Dino Dimarco, Jamie Gillis, Paul Barresi, Paul Morgan, Winston Love

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In this great quality interracial video, blond slut Paul Morgan gets his butt pushed back by an extremely muscular black stud. Paul is a hungry cocksucker, well known for his love of black meat. He has the dick in his mouth from the very beginning, positioning himself as the bottom of the interaction. He loves to look into the camera, rolling his eyes obscenely as he gobbles down that sweet black pole. He also loves to have his ass fucked, whether it's doggystyle or more romantically in missionary. In this tender piece of ass fucking, Paul accommodates the big black dick in his ass quite well. He also loves getting an ass full of semen!

Black Man Ass Pumped By White Gangster

Duration: 19m, 49s, Starring Bobby Blake, Dino Dimarco, Dino Phillips, Paul Barresi, Winston Love

(623 Votes)

This intense white on black gay interracial video focuses on some hot 69 action on the floor. The guys fold themselves in to some really impossible positions as they gobble down each others' rigid sticks, going right to the back of the throat! As is usual in this series of videos, the scene cuts away to various plot developments before it returns to the intense anal. The black dude lies on the floor holding his ass open for maximum cockage while his white superior slams his butt. The white gangster pulls his cock out and sprays the black bottom all over his chest and flat stomach. The guys kiss and embrace to conclude this great scene.

Black Thug Fucks His Wimpy Subordinate

Duration: 16m, 51s, Starring Bobby Blake, Dino Phillips, Leo Masters, Paul Barresi, Paul Morgan

(820 Votes)

In this continuation of this gangster epic, a muscular black gangster orders his subordinate to blow him. He knows this cock hungry dicks slurper has a real appetite for man meat, and it's difficult to tell who is enjoying themselves more! There is an interlude for a moment in the scene when the gang boss goes to see a wimp who owes him money, almost drowning him as he holds his head in the toilet water! He even sticks his gun in his mouth - very phallic! Then the scene cuts back to the bedroom action, as the big ebony gangster bends has little queer buddy over and rams him in his butt. This is gay anal interracial at its finest!

Jail House Sex Between Guard and Inmate

Duration: 16m, 3s, Starring Dean Spencer, Paul Barresi, Tommy Cruise, Zach Richards

(634 Votes)

While having a meeting with his attorney the guard heats things up in the cell. He strips the inmate out of his uniform and bends over to have a taste of his sweet meat. His head bobs up and down as he deep throats the long hard shaft. They share each others cock in a sixty nine position, getting them dripping wet. Once the inmates cock is lubed up the guard straddles his lap and slips it into his pink asshole. Enjoying the change of dominating roles the guard and inmate get each other off and relish the release of their orgasms.

Well Dressed Felons Jerk Each Other Off

Duration: 17m, 18s, Starring Ron Jeremy, Sebastian, Winston Love, Zach Richards

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These two gangsters just can't keep their minds on the job! Despite the fact that there is a man with a hood tied over his face and his hands tied behind his back lying on the couch, these guys abandon their seduce heist to suck each others' dicks. The two well-dressed criminals, both wearing sharp suits, push each other up against the wall and lock lips. However, this clip isn't just about kissing; the guys strip off down to their boxers and then completely nude, with the shorter of the two sucking his dominant partner's cock. After he has got a mouthful of semen, his buddy jerks him off. Both men walk away extremely satisfied.

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