Gay Couple Engage in Deep Fuck Fest

Duration: 24m, Starring Eddie, Paulo

(131 Votes)

The scene opens with a little teaser, a sneak peak of what is to come when Paulo and Eddie get hot and heavy. In the beginning they start slowly undressing each other and grinding against each other. One of the guys takes control and runs his tongue along the others body working his way down to his already hard cock. He gets smacked in the face with the boner then has his salad tossed, licked and spit on to lube up his asshole for the deep penetration to come. He rams his cock into the tight hole and fucks this guys brains out.

Gay Men Get Dirty in the Garden

Duration: 25m, 15s, Starring Christopher, Roland

(147 Votes)

Two manly studs stand topless in a garden pressing their bodies against each other as they kiss and eagerly strip out of their clothing. The short haired man whore works his way down the long haired guys chest as he lowers his pants and gets his hands all over his flaccid cock. The short haired babe lowers himself to his knees and wraps his lips around the head of the others guys dick, slowly working his mouth along the shaft until his entire length is all the way down his throat. When he bends over the thick pole eases its way into his puckered asshole and pleases them both to explosion.

Two Gay Men Get Off On Each Other

Duration: 24m, 23s, Starring Steve, Tom

(295 Votes)

Man whores Steve and Tom have been caught in the act of kissing and fondling each other, stripping out of their clothes to get their hands all over the smooth hairless skin. One guy grips the long hard cock of the other and wraps his lips around the head, sliding him deep into his mouth. He polishes his knob and shaft to a shine, making it drip with spit before backing his ass up and slipping the boner into his tight asshole. This bottom dweller gets tossed around the couch and the floor being pounded hard and deep.

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