Horny Museum Workers Going Dick to Dick

Duration: 7m, 22s, Starring Evan Rinaldo, Ryan Weston

(112 Votes)

Ryan Weston and Evan Rinaldo both work in the museum, and there is nothing about watching the way Ryan is passionate about fossils to get Evan turned on. Sure, that's a bit weird but hey - sex can be very fucking weird at times. It would only be better if they were fucking under a T-rex or something, but I think they had one in the background so that is badass enough. Back to the action, though - they get naked super fast and then attack each other's dicks, slurping up those schlongs and really enjoying each other.

Horny Fossil Guy Sucking Dick

Duration: 31m, 9s, Starring Goerge Tana, Jude Pearce

(189 Votes)

I imagine working with fossils all day long could leave you with a raging hardon, so its not that surprising when Jude Pearce puts his work aside to take a look at Goerge Tana. He starts to kiss and work his hands up and down his body, and you can see their cocks getting harder and harder by the minute. They aren't very fast - indeed, they just love to take their time and play with each other. I can't help but smile at this, because it's sweet and sensual at the same time. A perfect combination for a perfect gay couple.

Horny Historian in Gay Sex Scene

Duration: 30m, 17s, Starring Andy Haynes, Patrick Rhoades

(249 Votes)

Patrick Rhoades just loves fossils, and he also loves something that is harder than rock - a cock. It doesn't take much for him to get distracted from his fossils, although I have to admit I'm a total nerd about that stuff and I would love to see what he was working on. Andy Haynes just has to come in and fuck up my nerdom, bah! Anyway, he also happens to love getting his cock sucked by intelligent dudes, and I love the way they passionately embrace and kiss before stripping down and fucking on the floor.

Odd Artsy Gay Guys in Threesome

Duration: 23m, 37s, Starring Andy Haynes, Dave Shephard, Jim Peking

(424 Votes)

Now I have no idea what is going on at the beginning of this scene, but at least I don't have to think about it for too long. Andy Haynes, Jim Peking, and Dave Shepard all get together on the couch and start with the small talk. Thankfully that is over with pretty damn quick and they start to get in on the action right away. One of the guys offers up his ass while sucking on the other's dick, so they end up with the best threesome position right off the bat. There is tons of cock sucking and fun in this gay threesome.

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