Gay Sex Begins And Ends With Tender Kiss

Duration: 27m, 19s, Starring Andre, Michael

(164 Votes)

Andre and Michael start out slow and easy with some tender kissing and nipple sucking. Things heat up and they start grabbing each others cocks and making them hard. Once the clothes are removed they enjoy a long session of wet, slurppy cock sucking before the dive in and start the anal pounding. Now these guys don't say much but you can sure as hell tell from the groans that the heat is on high and every second is ecstasy. The scene ends with both of them cumming one one stomach and a few tender kisses to say thank you.

Tender Kiss Ends Gay Fuck Session

Duration: 29m, 24s, Starring Marcos, Simon

(223 Votes)

Two man whores get wild and crazy on a porch. They don't really care who is watching, it is all about the cock. Marcos and Simon jerk their own cocks and also go down on each other and make a nice wet slimy mess of it. That's just self lube! With a little bit of real lube in to make entry a little easier this guy goes at it, and during breaks when he needs to relax to stop from cumming he will smack the others guys ass with his dick. With both men taking turns being the fucker rather than fuckee they end t with cumming all over one of the guys,.

White Guy Slammed By Black In Kitchen

Duration: 22m, 35s, Starring Adam, Steve

(476 Votes)

Muscular black stud Adam is making some food in the kitchen when in walks his good looking Latino room mate, Steve. Steve has a really deviant look in his eye, and he goes straight for Adam's cock! Of course, being a black man, Adam is horny for white ass 24/7, and he's not about to turn down some hot and sloppy oral from this sexy stud. Of course, Steve doesn't just want to have the ebony cock in his mouth - he plans to take that big black dick in his ass! He sure gets it good, bent over the kitchen counter and slammed doggy style, taking the full length of the black dick in his sphincter. He squeals like a bitch while he gets pumped.

This Male Escort Knows How To Bounce

Duration: 24m, 24s, Starring Chris, Kenan

(234 Votes)

One of the great things about traveling on business is that you get to check out the local talent on your days off! This businessman finds himself in a city far away from home, totally bored; so he calls up his local gay escort agency. They send over a really cute and good-looking guy, with sexy olive skin and a toned and muscular figure. He is also extremely good in bed, sucking his employer's stiff cock with no condom and then bouncing on the dick with wild abandon. He really loves it in reverse cowgirl position, jerking his own erect dick and rubbing his master's balls, desperate to feel that hot spurting load up his butt.

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