Asian Bois Slip In Suds & Slide In Dicks

Duration: 26m, 27s, Starring Somikat, Suan

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Normally, you would think that having all of that soapy water all over the floor would be a cause for alarm. But not for this hot Asian boy and his lover! It just makes them even hornier to be all covered in the suds, as they slip and slide together with their naked bodies all over the tile. After they get clean, they go and get dirty again in the bedroom, as they take turns licking each other's swollen fuck sticks and tonguing each other's asses. It helps to make one dick glide into the other's butthole, as he bends him over and takes a deep pounding from behind. He even rides him to milk his meat pole until he strokes to a sticky finish.

Twinks Fuck After Being Caught With Porn

Duration: 30m, 45s, Starring Jongrak, Pheng

(2941 Votes)

Seeing a hot porn on TV, this Asian twink couldn't help but start playing with his dick, stroking it until it swelled up in his hand as he saw some steamy fucking on the screen. But it was nothing compared to the hot action he was about to get into with his buddy after he catches him in the act. His buddy takes his already hard cock and puts it in his mouth, licking and drooling all over it to show him a good time. Better than his hand, huh? He returned the favor with some head of his own, getting him hard so he can feel it in his asshole. Watch him get on top and ride that cock, and take a pounding from behind as well.

South East Asian Dudes Love Their Anal

Duration: 27m, 38s, Starring Khan, Tran

(3452 Votes)

In this rare gay anal scene, two Asian guys get it on for some extremely erotic butt fucking. It's not often that you see two slender South East Asian men in a porn scene; normally you would only see one Asian guy, usually getting fucked by a white man! This scene is truly authentic, and these long-haired feminine men seem particularly enthusiastic about their rampant sexual acts. Despite their short frames and lack of bulk, both men have got surprisingly large penises, especially when they are erect. They also have thick bushes of pubic hair, and it really says something about their penis size that they still look big despite the pubes.

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