Two Asian Twinks Suck And Fuck

Duration: 28m, 51s, Starring Atsawin, Suan

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Nothing like two smooth Asian twinks ready to go at it with each other in front of the camera! They're acting all shy and nervous in front of the camera, but once they're laying together naked in bed, their inhibitions run wild! One starts kissing the other's body up and down before taking his pecker and stuffing his face with it, bobbing his head up and down his stiffy while drooling all over it. The other gets the urge to do it to him as well, licking his cock and taking it all the way down his throat. When he's hard as a rock, he opens up the other's ass and rams his tight Asian behind before both of them jerk off together.

Two Asian Guys Have Hot Mutual Anal Fuck

Duration: 29m, 5s, Starring Ittipol, Payom

(1127 Votes)

This hardcore gay Asian clip begins with a long haired and effeminate Asian guy walking into the bedroom. He is only wearing a towel and you can see that he has got a really nice, toned body, and looks extremely hot despite the long hair. His boyfriend is lying naked on the bed reading a magazine, but the reading is soon abandoned as the guys get down to some hot 69 action. Then the long-haired guy predictably gets banged in the ass, showing his effeminate side. However, the anal also goes both ways, and the fellow with long hair pounds his more masculine looking buddy in the butt as well. The guys pump each others' cocks at the end.

Three Asian Guys Masturbating Together

Duration: 27m, 26s, Starring Gong, Kamol, Santipong

(2263 Votes)

A young Asian dude walks in to his dorm room after taking a shower, and is surprised to see his two sexy young room mates lying naked on the bed. For a while the three young chaps just lie around, looking at some dirty magazines and comparing penis sizes. Of course, once they go down this sexual path, their passions become inflamed and they need to be satisfied! If you like your boys young and Asian, this scene is the one for you; there is one particularly hot part when all three guys are sucking each others' cocks, lying in a degenerate oral circle. There is also some anal and then the guys lie masturbating together until they cream.

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