Horny Asian Twinks Fuck And Cum

Duration: 30m, 12s, Starring Chaipak, Sunai

(1086 Votes)

Unlike some of the gay twink couples that were hesitant to start sucking and fucking in front of the camera, these two young Asians were looking forward to get down to business, joking around with one another and then whipping off their towels to show off their packages to each other. They even embraced and kissed each other before one made his way downtown to lick the other one's cock stiff. He of course wasn't the only one to get a blowjob, as the other licked and sucked his dick too before he bent him over and had him take every inch of his dick deep down his asshole. Both guys were covered in cum after jerking off together.

Three Guy Pull Out All The Stops

Duration: 23m, 19s, Starring Boonyang, Bunseua, Thanat

(760 Votes)

Thanat, Bunseua and Boonyang were all naked jerking off on the bed when they dove into each other and started kissing and sucking. Hands were roaming, stroking cocks as mouths sucked and teased shafts and balls. The oral was great, but these guys wanted more so they finally put Thanat face down on the bed and the other two took turns fucking him. One fucked him while Thanat sucked the other guy's cock then the two would switch so the guy getting head could get some ass. When they had had their fill of Thanat's ass they pulled out and all three guys stroked and came at the same time.

Oriental Boys Have Hot Homo Sex

Duration: 33m, 59s, Starring Kayimin, Nui

(1996 Votes)

Cute Oriental boy Nui is getting changed while his friend Kayimin watches. They lay on the bed together, and Kayimin kisses his way down Nui's body before he starts to suck his hard cock. After a long blow job, Nui flips Kayimin over to return the favor by giving him head, and Kayimin climbs on top to ride Nui's dick anal cowboy. Nui lays Kayimin back to fuck him up his tight ass missionary, and Kayimin strokes himself off as Nui fucks him. The men finally lay beside each other and jerk their own loads all over their stomachs.

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