A Gaurd Fucks His Prisoner Of War

Duration: 22m, 45s, Starring Miroslav

(657 Votes)

Miroslav was in charge of guarding the prisoners his group had captures. While he had the prisoners out working he pulled his favorite into a room, pulled out his dick and had the prisoner suck it. His prisoner sucked his cock like he was starving then once he was hard Miroslav bent his prisoner over the chair and fucked him right in the ass. He drilled his ass out hard and fast, grabbing his hips and really thrusting into him. He pounded that prisoners until he couldn't hold out anymore so he pulled out and fired a load all over the prisoners chest.

Gay Prison Roleplaying and Spanking

Duration: 21m, 25s, Starring Miroslav, Radek

(343 Votes)

This is one intense gay fetish scene. Not only does it go for roleplaying with a prison location, they also add in spanking. This isn't some weak spanking either - this is spanking that really turns his ass red. I could not take my eyes off of them as the ass gets more and more red. Of course their captor won't stop with just spanking - he also ends up fucking one of the bystanders, along with getting some random cocksucking between two of the prisoners. It ends up in one wild groupsex session.

Hot Gay Fetish and Insertion Scene

Duration: 26m, 27s, Starring Dvorak, Rudolf

(238 Votes)

This is a rather dark and hot gay fetish scene that features Rudolf and Dvorak in one intense prison scene. The prisoner gets all chained up and starts licking his captor's nipples, working his tongue slowly over them. The guy still has on part of his uniform, and it seems like that little fact really excites Dvorak. They don't stick with the small stuff for long though - there is a giant dildo waiting for this prisoner, and it's about to pound right into his ass. I don't know how it fit exactly, but I do know that I loved watching it.

Horny Guard Fucks An Inmate's Asshole

Duration: 17m, 12s, Starring Ivo, Pavel

(486 Votes)

This guard was making his prisoner clean the table, and he decided to take advantage of the situation by checking out what he had going on from behind. He bent him over and smacked his ass, and then pulled his pants completely off to rub his cock in between his ass cheeks. But before he penetrated him, he had him open his mouth and suck on his stiffy to make it nice and slick for him. He obeyed every command, and then got rewarded with some head of his own. Then he got bent over on the table he was just cleaning and had his asshole pounded as deep as possible. He got jizzed on his chest, and he came on the guard's boots.

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