Andrija and Erik Enjoy Interesting Crossdressing

Duration: 19m, 36s, Starring Andrija, Erik

(439 Votes)

Andrija and Erik are certainly in the mood for something a little different, so they're going to go for some good old fashioned hot crossdressing. Andrija puts on the wig and dress to really get Erik going, working his hands all over Erik's body and cock before he gets bent over and fucked. He keeps the dress on the entire time, letting his ass get used by Erik harder and harder. He really loves this role, and wants to keep on cross dressing as much as possible just to feel that alive and sensual while taking a pounding.

Cross Dressing Stud Sasa Takes A Dick Deep In His Tight Butt

Duration: 19m, 43s, Starring Erik, Sasa

(285 Votes)

With a skinny little body and a slim face, ethnic stud Sasa really looks like a girl when he dresses up! He is remarkably feminine in a bra and pantie set with a long, platinum blond wig if it wasn't for the slightly masculine set to his jaw you would really think that he was a woman, or at least a shemale! He works masculine stud Erik's pole like a pro, pumping the head up and down and then engulfing the whole shaft with his mouth, using a twisting motion with his hand as well. However, before he spunks in Sasa's mouth, Erik pushes the cross dressing male over into doggy for a deep anal slamming, followed by a sticky oral cumshot.

Cross Dressing Sissy Takes It Hard And Nasty Up The Ass

Duration: 19m, 57s, Starring Sasa, Vlada

(279 Votes)

This redhead sissy sure can suck a dick! Sasa dresses up in a bra, panties and a bright red wig, looking surprisingly feminine underneath the long hair. Her stud Vlada really gives it to her nasty, pulling out his fat cock and waving it in Sasa's face until the submissive cross dresser blows him. It's an average blow job, although Sasa becomes more enthusiastic towards the end as his spit is running down the shaft, over Vlada's full balls and onto the ground. Then Sasa bends over, sticking out his tight white ass for a good anal plundering. Vlada straps up with a rubber and then gives it to the sissy slut hard and rough.

Vlada Gets In to Some Hot and Heavy Crossdressing

Duration: 20m, Starring Erik, Vlada

(244 Votes)

Vlada has always wanted to explore some crossdressing, so he's going to be taking his chance when he's alone with Erik. He gets Erik to put on a wig and lingerie, and he just loves seeing how sexy he can get his boyfriend. Then they go for the cross dress fucking, with Vlada's dick getting a hot and heavy suck. He closes his eyes and enjoys the moment, getting so horny that he just has to push his crossdressed friend over and fuck him silly. He's pounding away as he goes, knowing that he's going to get a great explosion.

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