Peter Porker's Spidey Sense Is Tingling All Over Venom

Duration: 24m, 22s, Starring Peter Porker

(217 Votes)

This clip just goes to prove rule 34 there is porn about every fucking thing! In this movie, Spiderman is played off against evil villain Venom, who definitely comes up worse for wear. After defeating Venom, he is tied up by sexy Spiderman, with the two studs grinding their bodies on top of each other through the nylon of their outfits. Then Venom is treated in a humiliating fashion by the victorious Spiderman, who pulls down the other superheroe's pants and strokes his dick to a full erection. He even suckles on it slightly, jacking it until the first drops of precum are visible at the end of Venom's prick - but not giving him release!

Spiderman Tied Up And Masturbated By Evil Villain Venom

Duration: 26m, 57s, Starring Peter Porker

(411 Votes)

In this sex fiend ed superhero sex movie, Venom gets his revenge on the sex fiend ed Spiderman! Venom sneaks in to Spiderman's bedroom while he is chilling, catching him unawares. Before Spiderman even has the chance to wake up, Venom has tied his hands behind his back - the famous superhero is helpless! Cackling insanely, Venom pulls down Spiderman's pants, revealing a timid, flacid dick. However, it soon becomes hard as Venom jerks it, grinding his body and his own cock and balls against Spiderman's meat. Spiderman is humiliated, but there isn't a damn thing that he can do about it as Venom jacks him off and then steals his clothes!

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