Gay Guys Love Ankles Over Shoulders Anal

Duration: 15m, 17s, Starring Dereck Flake, Tyson Myers

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On a warm summer's day, stud Dereck and Tyson decide to go swimming in their local creek. As they make their way back to the house, clad only in their swimming trunks, both men can't ignore the erect cocks swinging in their shorts! Dereck gets down on his knees, aggressively pulling Tyson's dick out of his pants and starting to suck it hungrily. The men take turns sucking, then lay down their damp towels on the ground for some hardcore anal. Tyson lies on his back, lifting his cock and balls out of the way so that Dereck can slam him in the butt. He puts his ankles up around his man's shoulders for extremely deep outdoor penetration!

Foreign Stud Picked Up On Street For Sex

Duration: 22m, 43s, Starring Eric Master, Ryan Pare

(306 Votes)

Blond anal slut Eric is walking in the city when he spots foreign looking stud Ryan walking a huge dog. The dog provides an easy introduction to a conversation and soon Eric is leading Ryan back to his home. Upstairs in the bedroom, the two men give each other some extremely hot blow jobs; Eric has got a nice fat wang already, but Ryan's is huge! Then blond Ryan adopts the position on his hands and knees, sticking out his ass while Ryan eases open his butthole with that enormous member. Eric squeals as his butt gets plugged, stretched beyond imagining - you just try taking a nine inch long, thick and rock hard prick into your bunghole!

Hot Cocksucker Ass Fucked In The Shower

Duration: 22m, 20s, Starring Adam Karma, Mike Morgan

(490 Votes)

Virile fitness stud Adam drags submissive cocksucker Mike in to the showers after his work out. Hidden away in a shower cubicle, the two men kiss and jerk each others' dicks while the hot water runs down their muscular bodies. Then horny oral slut Mike crouches on the tiles, giving his man a fantastic cocksucking - this guy is a natural born dick blower! The oral goes both ways, with the guys collapsing into a dick slurping 69 on the ground. Then slutty Mike gets banged in his ass by both Adam's big cock and an extremely large dildo - if he wasn't tired enough after the work out, he will be exhausted after this sticky anal pounding!

Cigarettes And Coffee Leads To Hard Anal

Duration: 16m, 56s, Starring Bryan Mackenzie, Eric Master

(705 Votes)

After coffee, sexy blond twink Eric invites stud Bryan up to his bedroom. Bryan strips off and lies on the bed expectantly, stroking his semierect dick; Eric licks his lips in hungry anticipation and goes down on his new man, first just suckling on the head and then engulfing the whole stiff pole in his mouth. The oral goes both ways, and blond Eric has got a surprisingly big cock for a submissive bottom! Bryan lies back down, holding his pole at the base so that Eric can slowly ease his tight sphincter down on the schlong. It takes a while but he eventually gets it all in, starting to grind on the hard cock with a delicious motion.

Horny Soccer Players Get Nasty

Duration: 18m, 22s, Starring Bobby Ryan, Julio Benoit

(421 Votes)

Julio Benoit and Bobby Ryan are at soccer practice when the urge to fuck comes over them. They are both strapping, sexy men who are absolutely in the mood to get wild, crazy and nasty on the field. They are down on their knees and slurping away at that delicious dick, making sure to take that cock as deep as possible before they move on to some wild and crazy gay sex. There could be plenty of people watching these two going at it and they wouldn't mind one bit - in fact that drives them even more crazy to think about it.

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