Skinny Gay Guy Takes It In His Ass

Duration: 20m, 12s, Starring Marcus Silver, Pedro

(346 Votes)

Two sexy gay guys, Marcus Silver and Pedro meet and instantly can't seem to get enough of each other. With Pedro's tanned and muscular body showing, Marcus cannot resist. His cock is so big, but dirty Marcus is eager to take it deep inside his mouth. While on the couch Pedro continues to get a stimulating oral fucking until he decides to bring out the dildo. Marcus takes the toy deep in his ass, starting slow then gaining speed until he is ready for Pedro's dick. Pedro sticks his penis inside Marcus' tight asshole and the two men moan as Pedro gives it to him hard.

Sexy Stud Gets A Toy Deep In His Ass

Duration: 17m, 42s, Starring Eric Westford, Theo

(202 Votes)

After only seconds, these two hot gay guys jump all over each other and start making out. Their hands start wandering all over each other's smoking hot bodies and after stripping down, it is obvious these two hotties aren't going anywhere until they make each other cum. Eric Westford enjoys a steamy blow job from Theo Penny. Both men are completely nude and Eric starts licking Theo as he teases him with his cock. It isn't long before he brings a toy into the mix, which turns Theo on even more. The submissive cock sucker later takes Eric's dick, and he groans with pleasure as his ass is filled with a rock hard cock.

Sexy Stud Gets Stuffed With A Toy

Duration: 18m, 2s, Starring Marco Santor, Vincent Neil

(135 Votes)

These two men are not afraid to get dirty. A steamy make-out session quickly gets more interesting as Marco Santor is stripped down to reveal his hairy chest and huge cock. Vincent is eager to please as he jumps right on that dick, licking the tip to tease his new friend. It's not all a tease though, it doesn't take long until Marco's entire cock is deep in Vincent's throat, and this is not the only place it will be. Marco wants to return the pleasure and he uses a toy to get inside Vincent's tight ass. It is not long until Vincent is taking Marco's hard dick in his ass making him moan for more.

Eager Cocksucker Toyed On The Couch

Duration: 18m, 37s, Starring Chip Lawson, Mark Urban

(88 Votes)

Mark Urban and Chip Lawson don't waste any time when it comes to pleasuring each other. Both skinny and horny guys, they get right into the fun by using a big dildo that fits right inside Mark's ass, but nothing feels better than a thick dick. The dominant stud leans back to enjoy a steamy blow job, where he gets nice and hard ready to penetrate submissive Mark's hole. This cocksucker gets down on his hands and knees while his buddy spreads his ass cheeks wide as he gets ready to stick his hard prick in his tight asshole. Mark moans as his butt gets stretched by the engorged penis.

Cock Hungry Gay Gets Stiff Anal Meat

Duration: 20m, 29s, Starring Jonny Feather, Ryan Sanders

(154 Votes)

This little gay man begs for anal sex! He has been starved of cock for days, unable to find even a sleazy man in a gay club to go home with him. Just when he is about to despair that he is no longer attractive, he meets a college stud who is experimenting with different types of sexuality. They get alone on the couch, with the subservient gay underneath the muscular college chap. He ends up getting a hardcore ass fucking, holding his pathetic little cock and balls out of the way with one hand while the big dick college dude gives it to him hard and rough, filling up his tight little ass with the cock and hot cum.

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