Sexy Handjob With Berries As Lubricant

Duration: 36m, 51s, Starring Andrea Vincenzi, Luca Hopper, Valerio Conte

(139 Votes)

In this hot gay threesome video, a good looking stud with a great cock is flanked by two men on either side. They break cherries all over his body, caressing him and rubbing his skin. One guy attends to the top half, kissing the man and then sliding his cock in his mouth, whilst the other gentleman jerks his cock to a full erection, using the broken berries as lubricant. The guy on his back is a submissive slut, wanting to be used and pleasured in both holes. First he orally services both men and then he gets fucked in his ass. At the end of the scene, the alpha male orders both of the guys to lie down and he sprays them with his jism.

Three Gay Men Get Sucked and Fucked

Duration: 20m, 51s, Starring Andrea Mattioli, Andrea Simoni, Pietro Ruzzo

(102 Votes)

Three hot gay men are sitting naked around a bowl of fruit, they each take a piece of fruit out have a little taste then feed it to one of the other guys. Once they have had their fill of fruit the orgy begins, two guys take a dick in each of their mouths, leaving the ebony guy to sit back and enjoy. A guy bends over to give head to the ebony stud and gets a dick shoved in his ass, they switch positions so the ebony man can have a turn fucking a sweet pink asshole. All thre guys blow their loads one after the other on to the nearest waiting belly.

Gay Three Way Gets Hot and Steamy

Duration: 35m, 50s, Starring Enrico Roversi, Luca Milani, Patrizio Romano

(156 Votes)

Wearing nothing but boxers three skinny gay men are sitting on a table running fruit all over each others body. They feed each other cherries and grapes while they kiss and fondle each others bodies, leaving a trail down a chest to his waiting cock. They young blond guy gets his knob polished while having a tongue in his mouth, two guys take turns licking and sucking on a hard dick. They form a triangle so they each can have a boner in their mouth before two guys gets the pleasure of being fucked in the ass.

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