Young Stud Uses All Of His Favorite Toys

Duration: 31m, Starring Trent

(281 Votes)

What a fucking dirty slut! Young stud Trent is extremely good-looking, with a long, Justin Bieber style haircut that makes him look like he must be barely out of school. However, don't let his youth fool you - this is one experienced ass fucker who has brought along a whole menagerie of toys! He uses them one after another, plugging his asshole fast and rough with all of his favorite implements. They just seem to get bigger and bigger, until Trent is shoving some of the most enormous things you'll ever see up his tight rear end! The prostate stimulation gets him really close to cumming; it doesn't take much pumping to make him spurt.

Big Dick Jason with Dong in Shower

Duration: 31m, 55s, Starring Jason

(311 Votes)

Jason loves playing with his ass, and it ends up making his masturbation session that much hotter. As he starts to work himself in to a frenzy, he's letting his dick get all of the attention that it needs. Before long he brings himself in to the shower and starts stuffing his ass with an anal toy, letting it get so deep inside of him that he's going to be losing his mind to the pleasure that works its way through his body. He's getting closer and closer to climax, shaking and moaning until he just about loses his mind.

Hot Latino Boi Shows His Rock Hard Boner

Duration: 11m, 44s, Starring Santana

(310 Votes)

Unlike a lot of younger guys who are shy on camera, gorgeous Latino college boi Santana loves to show off! You can see why - with an enormous cock and balls like that, who wouldn't be proud to show off what they are packing? The hot stud spreads his legs as the cameraman gets in close, zooming in on the enormous member as Santana squeezes a thick load of lube all over his shaft. Then he pumps himself off with both hands - even when he's got two hands on his dick, there's still room leftover! At one stage Santana leans back and lets the cameraman reach forward and pump his hard dick until he creams all over his underpants.

Louis Stuffs His Ass with Hot Toys

Duration: 10m, 11s, Starring Louis

(189 Votes)

Louis has a love for sex toys of all shapes and sizes, so he's going to be taking care of his ass with a particularly big dong. He pulls his legs up in the air and starts stuffing those dongs deep inside, stretching himself out with a smile on his face. As he works those toys deeper and deeper in to his ass, he starts working at his cock and moaning loud, getting closer and closer to a climax that is going to shake him to his very core. His insertion fetish certainly does end up giving him plenty of enjoyment, and he's loving every second of it.

Austin Uses Anal Beads And Masturbates

Duration: 13m, 42s, Starring Austin

(221 Votes)

College boi Austin is one of those guys who initially looks a little bit chubby with clothes on - and then when he gets naked you realize that it's all solid weightlifter muscle! He's got a sexy hairy body with a great snail trail leading down to his thick pubic hair and an enormous cock and balls. However, this video isn't just about big cock masturbation; Austin has also brought along his favorite sex toy, a string of anal beads that he shoves all the way into his tight ass hole. He pumps himself off and looks in to the camera in his most seductive fashion as he pulls the nasty beads one by one and out of his tiny ring piece.

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