Two Horny Bears Hook It Up Outside

Duration: 31m, 31s, Starring Adriano, Heitor

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Adriano and Heitor were sitting outside talking when Adriano made his move and kissed Heitor. The two instantly were all over each other, pulling their clothes off and rubbing each other's bodies. Adriano pulled out Heitor's cock and started to suck him, taking him deep down his wet throat. Heitor returned the favor, slobbering all over Adriano's knob then he pulled Adriano down on his dick and drilled him deep in the ass. Adriano bounced on that cock, grinding his ass into it until Heitor couldn't hold out and came hard. It turned Adriano on so much he jumped up and shot a load all over Heitor's face.

Hairy Dude Sucks A Fat Cock To Make Up

Duration: 29m, 43s, Starring Francisco Martin, Igor

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It's terrible when bears fight! The tension is thick in the air as these guys argue around the table, with one guy leaning back and moping. His buddy is desperate to get back in the good books, getting out of his chair to kneel at his buddy's side. When no response is forthcoming, he reaches out and begins to stroke his buddy's penis through his pants, gratified that it begins to grow hard. Knowing that he can't stop there, he pulls the dick out of the jeans and begins to suck it, gradually easing his partner's rage against him. Finally the cocksucker gets banged in the ass, riding the dick and also taking it doggy before the cumshot.

Young Stud Nails Hairy Guy In The Ass

Duration: 28m, 59s, Starring Barone, Heitor

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This unlikely pairing sees an extremely good-looking and muscular young chap hooked up with an older, balding bair. The bear is chilling on his balcony when he is stirredby his younger visitor. They embrace and begin to pull each others' clothes off, with the tool starved hairy guy swallowing his younger companion's dickhead. Then the chubby, overweight bear gets nailed in his backside, stroking his own pathetic penis while he gets ass banged. However, the younger guy magnanimously allows the bear to enter his own booty hole as well, riding on the tool while the bear leans back in satisfaction. The two studs spunk off on each others' chests.

Two Bears Hook Up One Afteroon

Duration: 31m, 33s, Starring Guilherme, Heitor

(1500 Votes)

Guilherme was pleasantly surprised when Heitor stopped by to see him. He invited him and the two laid on the bed talking for a little while until Heitor made it clear why he was here. He wanted some dick. He pulled Guiherme's cock out of his pants and sucked him. Once he had him nice and stiff he laid back and let Guilherme stick that meat pole in his ass. Heitor jacked himself off while getting pounded in the butt and loved every inch of that dick slamming in and out of him. He ended up getting fucked face down on the bed until Guiherme pulled out and came all over his face.

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