Mature Gay Men Fucking on the Couch

Duration: 23m, 54s, Starring Jay Richards, Scott Spears

(414 Votes)

Jay Richards is a silver daddy that is cruising around looking for some fun. He finds Scott Spears, who is more than happy to get his dick in an older man. He's no spring chicken himself, but he's not quite at the silver daddy stage yet. They weren't boring at all, which you might think given they were older. Oh hell no, the age means they had a whole hell of a lot less inhibitions, and it's the type of thing that will make you want to reach in your pants and just start jerking off like a wild man - it's super hot.

Shameless Debauchery Leads to Gay Sex

Duration: 13m, 14s, Starring Cole Ryder, Jake Holiday

(139 Votes)

It's a given that when you get guys relaxing around each other that they are going to be a lot more interested in experimenting. Jake Holiday and Cole Ryder start to play with each other. This is the type of thing that is going to make you weak at the knees with the way they suck and fuck each other.

Gay Hunks Fucking in Apartment

Duration: 19m, 33s, Starring Scott Spears, Sebastian Jaymz, Tony Serrano

(314 Votes)

It was a boring day at the house for Scott Spears, Tony Serrano, and Sebastian Jaymz. However when you have three bored gay guys, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to find out what is going to happen. They were ripping each other's clothes off almost as soon as they got home, stripping down and displaying some incredibly impressive dicks. I love watching them in action like that, especially when they start sucking in a gay triangle of pure hotness. That's the type of thing that really gets me excited.

Hot College Twinks Getting It On

Duration: 16m, 6s, Starring Jeff Westin, Wicked

(111 Votes)

Jeff Westin and Wicked are two college twinks that never tried to hide the fact that they loved men. In fact they embraced it and had no problem getting it on on the dorm room couch. They were all over each other in two seconds in that scene, although it does take them a bit of time to get completely naked. I have to say I love the facial expressions on Wicked. They aren't supposed to be funny - this is a serious porno, after all - but it was a great expression that made me hornier while still getting me to crack a smile.

Big Dick Gay Guys in Hot Threesome

Duration: 22m, 22s, Starring Brandon Aguilar, Brennan Casey, Chett Addams

(109 Votes)

Brandon Aguilar, Chett Addams, and Brennan Casey are in the mood for an awesome gay time today, and they start it off by stirring up Brandon. He had actually fallen on bed with his dick in his hand, so that made it really easy for the other two to wake him up in a rather delicious fashion. I loved watching him wake up slowly and then start kissing Chett while Brennan worked on his dick. It's that time of sweet gesture that is so incredibly hot. They end up completely naked and in one wild fuck fest.

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