Two On Two Bear Group Fuck In Prison

Duration: 28m, 3s, Starring

(506 Votes)

It's completely obvious that if you lock a bunch of horny and muscular guys in a cell together that they're going to end up fucking - and that's exactly what happens in this top-notch gay orgy movie! If you are in to muscular bears then you will love these guys - each man is hairy and hung! They play cards briefly, but then they pair off, licking, sucking and fucking one another. There are some great close-ups of tongue on cock action and even some intense rimming. A dirtysecurity guard watches over the security camera, stroking his cock through his pants but not caring to intervene. Fucking horny stuff - these guys go wild!

New Guy In Prison Gets Double Teamed

Duration: 22m, 2s, Starring Damien, Dillon Press, Eric Evans

(591 Votes)

In this gay prison group sex video, a new guy gets let in with a bunch of rowdy and randy inmates. He's got great muscles and a shaven head - very sexy! It's lucky for him that he loves to suck and fuck - because these prison thugs won't take no for an answer! Two bearish guys surround him in the corner of the room, pushing him to his knees and watching in satisfaction as he works both their cocks with his mouth and his hands. Then they take turns fucking him, spearing his ass in doggystyle while they bend him over the bed. It turns out that these prison guys like to take it as well, and the new guy gets his turn at pounding some ass.

Big Bear Guys Enjoy Anal In The Office

Duration: 17m, 21s, Starring Eric Evans, Joe Romero

(1045 Votes)

These two muscular and hairy jail guards have a quick afternoon fuck in the office. One man lights a cigar for the other, and then they embrace in a passionate kiss. There's nothing hotter than seeing a couple of big guys with facial hair kissing! There is some hot cocksucking action as the guys take turns licking each others' meat; neither man has an exceptionally long penis, but they are both nice and thick. Then it's anal sex time, as one guy lies back on the desk while the other carefully lifts his ballsack out of the way and slides his shaft into his ass hole. He him rolls over into doggy halfway through, really plugging him hard!

Muscle Guy Sucks At Prison Gloryhole

Duration: 7m, 25s, Starring Dillon Press

(409 Votes)

If you've ever had horny fantasies about prison sex you'll love this video! Extremely muscular stud Dillon Press wakes up in his jail cell in the middle of the night, his bulging erection driving him insane. He's been fantasizing about cock all night! Lucky for him, there is a hole in the hall connecting his cell to the one next door - and it's just big enough for a hard cock! He wakes his neighbor by sticking his fingers through the hole in a gloryhole signal that has been passed down through the ages. Sure enough, a bulging cock comes poking through the wall, and Dillon eagerly takes it in his mouth, hungry for warm sperm.

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