Three Cock Leather Jackpot Party

Duration: 18m, 17s, Starring Adriano Lazzari, Fred Goldsmith, Kevin Cage

(304 Votes)

You can%u2019t take these leather men anywhere! When this trio go to the casino they go fully dressed in leather, which scares some of the local players. That gives them just the right opportunity to play with each other as the lights twinkle down and around them. Watch as they pull that leather off to get to some ass rimming goodness. Watch as his tongue goes slip sliding into that tight round ass getting it so wet that it drips onto the carpet. This guy gets a jackpot by playing with that cock handle and unloads his own jack%u2019d pot into that hot ass. With three cocks lined up it's payout time.

Three Horny Dudes Have Sticky Threesome

Duration: 21m, 20s, Starring Clay Robson, Steve Jennings, Sylvio Pantera

(469 Votes)

Sylvio Pantera, Steve Jennings and Clay Robson are all wearing some hot leather outfits. One dude serves the other two some drinks then bends over to clean the other tables making the other manly studs horny. Everyone's pants come off and two men start to rub each other with their own dicks. They make out while the other guy watches and beats off. Finally he joins the fun while the submissive waiter bends over to get his ass filled with a thick dick. They all get off in the end, leaving the submissive one's stomach painted white.

Three Hardcore Party Gays Have Club Orgy

Duration: 22m, 53s, Starring Claudio Antonelli, Fred Fele, Julian Vincenzo

(313 Votes)

It's a wild gay party at the club, and three good-looking and muscular young gym guys are standing around. They are virtually nake, each just wearing a few fetishistic leather straps. Soon things get horny, as the fuckers began rubbing each others' cocks against each others' thighs and buttocks. Of course, this escalates into hand jobs and then full on oral and anal sex. When you've got three cocks there are all kinds of interesting ways you can use them, from double anal to spit roasting. Each guys sucks some cock and gets ass fucked before they jerk off all over each other. Right there in the club too!

Leather Wearing Fivesome Fucks To Orgasm

Duration: 23m, 47s, Starring Carlos Baxter, Lucio Maverick, Raul Mathews, Ray Phillips, Rick Perry

(1022 Votes)

It's just a bunch of guys in leather outfits having fun shooting pool, right? What could possibly happen after the game is over? While one guy tries to line up his shot, another jumps on top of the table and starts rubbing his dick before he starts getting it sucked off. Then all the other ones get the hint, and all five guys start to mess around with each other! Cue sticks are fun to play with, but big fleshy fuck sticks are much more fun for these guys, as they suck each other off before offering up their assholes. When they were all ready to shoot their hot loads, they lined up one after the other and stroked themselves to orgasm.

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